2027: Where Are The Titans From Owerri Zone?. BY INNOCENT ONYEUKWU

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I am passionate about who takes over as governor of Imo State from Hope Uzodimma in 2027. And I will not be swayed by the opinion of those who say it is too early to talk about who succeeds him.

They say he is yet to begin his second term. This is idle talk from political jobbers and busy bodies. How does anyone’s Guber ambition in 2027 derail or distract Uzodimma from the governance of Imo State?

It is not taboo for anyone to begin early preparations for a long-distance race. There are early preparations for any serious project. In the game of power, early preparations are key and paramount.

Orlu Political Consultative Assembly, OPOCA, had fired salvos at Owerri Zone, criticizing the Imo Harmony Project for kick-starting the discourse for 2027 Imo Guber so early.

OPOCA got it wrong. And they are on a mission. I don’t believe they are acting alone. The fireworks they are throwing are coming from somewhere. It is programmed, and we will see more tantrums from them as the journey to 2027 continues.

The question is, if OPOCA does not have something up its sleeve, why will it choose to take Panadol for another man’s headache? Why all the attacks and counterattacks on those propagating an Imo governor of Owerri Zone extraction?

To the crux of the matter, where are the titans from Owerri Zone or its first eleven who are serious about taking over from Uzodimma? Where are the Guber hopefuls from Owerri Zone?

Governor Uzodimma had given the Zone the green light before his reelection in November 2023.He had said he would hand over to the Zone in line with the Imo Charter of Equity. How has the Zone taken advantage of this open promise, a blank cheque.

I must say that Owerri Zone approach to the battle for 2027 is not encouraging or impressive. They seem to be intimidated or overshadowed by the pummeling coming from OPOCA and other groups from Okigwe Zone.

Okigwe Zone has shown more co-ordination towards the race for Imo guber. They are fired up. They want to change the narrative against the Charter of Equity. They want to make the Charter to look worthless in the eyes of Imo electorate.

They have exhibited so much firepower to win and excel. They have in store the energy and adrenaline to succeed. And they have quietly assembled a team, a powerful squad to achieve their mission. Good politics!

I was told Ikedi Ohakim, a former governor, is the arrowhead of the Okigwe Zone for the Imo Guber struggle.

He has done nobly well by getting some allies in Owerri Zone. That shows a rugged and committed approach to take power.He has not openly declared his intention for the Imo governorship. But his body language and that of his close allies say it all. Mark my words; he is in the race for 2027.

In Owerri Zone, who is the arrowhead of the struggle to capture power in 2027?

I have said repeatedly that Uzodimma’s assurance of Owerri zone governorship in 2027 is not a meal ticket. It is no visa or passport to Government House. It is a verbal statement. He may have said so in the heat of the political tension in the state before his re-election.

Incumbent governors make so many promises when they seek re-election. It is not peculiar to our Governor. It is the style of most of them across the country. Keeping such promises is in the hands of God. And with the peculiar and unique political development in the state, an incumbent can shift the goalpost as events and political conditions evolve.

Owerri Zone must come out and roar for it to be taken seriously in 2027. It is beyond Capt. Emmanuel Iheanacho’s Imo Harmony Project. It is beyond drinking champagnes. It is beyond relying on the Charter, or singing the song of marginalization. Ndigbo have sung this song for decades, yet the presidency has remained elusive.

The Zone is known to parade political titans. We had many of them in the past- daring, fearless and unapologetic politicians. Guber materials with the right contacts and exposure. I see less of them now. Why have they suddenly gone so cold, looking seemingly overwhelmed by the early storms of 2027?

Those who want to run for governor from Owerri zone, especially in APC, should not wait for Uzodimma to handpick or anoint them as his successor. He cannot anoint all of them. He is not a pastor that anoints an entire congregation in a church. There is no guarantee that those who sit in the front row of the church will go to heaven.

They should study Emeka Ihedioha’s brand of politics: decisive, daring and suave. He has turned his recent departure from the PDP into a huge political capital, which makes him the most sought-after politician from Owerri Zone at the moment.

There may be others with such capacity, but I have not seen any at the moment. I pray they prove me wrong soonest, because there is no other political titan in Owerri zone who thus far, has a solid political network and backbone beyond the zone which will fetch him Imo governorship.

What we have seen lately is a tight-lipped, cat-walking political attitude from those who dream of being handpicked and given power on a platter. And I see many of them in the APC.

Dour politics has never been part of Owerri zone. It is strange how it is finding its taproot in the zone. The zone is known to parade fire brand political leaders in the past. Except for a very tiny few, I must say that the majority of the present crop of political titans in the zone has not impressed yours sincerely.

And it is more worrisome that at a time the power play in Imo politics is becoming more sophisticated; Owerri zone has retained a complacent, sloppy attitude. This will hurt in the long run.

I come in peace.

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