2027 Imo Guber: Not Emi Lo Kan For Ohakim- OZAC

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*Says Owerri Zone’s Route To Imo Govt House Is Wide And Clear

The Owerri Zone Awareness Coalition (OZAC), a socio-political group advocating for an Owerri zone governor in Imo State, has strongly emphasized that it is Owerri zone’s turn to produce the next governor and not the exclusive right of anyone, particularly former governor Ikedi Ohakim

The group argued that Owerri zone has been systematically marginalized in the state’s power distribution and is now due for leadership of the State.

In a statement issued in Owerri on Tuesday, signed by its publicity secretary Ernest Nkemdirim, OZAC clarified that while anyone from any part of the state is eligible to contest, Owerri zone is most deserving of the governorship due to its prolonged marginalization.

“The governorship of Imo State is not reserved for anyone because it is nobody’s inheritance or birthright. It is not emi lo kan for anyone, because it is the collective patrimony of the good people of Imo State,” the group stated.

Last week, Prince Bob Njemanze, a notable leader in Owerri zone advocated for the return of former governor Ikedi Ohakim as governor in 2027.

OZAC criticized this position, stressing that Imo governorship is not the exclusive right of any individual.

“Those from Owerri zone who have ignored the collective and legitimate quest of the zone to produce the next governor of the state, to support Okigwe zone, most especially a former governor, Ikedi Ohakim, are pursuing narrow interests which suit their whims and caprices,” part of the statement read.

OZAC highlighted the clear imbalance in the state’s power distribution, pointing out that Owerri zone has only held the governorship for a total of 2 years and 5 months since Nigeria’s first democratic era in 1979.

“In contrast, Okigwe zone has had 8 years, and Orlu zone will have accumulated 24 years by 2027.

“It is against the grain of commonsense for any Owerri zone son or daughter to ignore the facts and clear marginalization of Owerri zone, and support any other zone, either Okigwe or Orlu, which will have collectively governed the State for 32 years by the time the incumbent governor from Orlu zone, Senator Hope Uzodimma, completes a second term in office,” OZAC asserted.

The group expressed bewilderment at the distortion of these facts by those who should understand the dynamics better, accusing them of pushing an unconvincing narrative.

“We respect former Governor Ikedi Ohakim, like any other former governor of this State. We also salute and admire his enormous commitment to the service of the State when he was governor. But we advise him strongly to resist the urge to be used as an instrument to truncate the legitimate quest of Owerri zone to produce the next governor of the State,” OZAC emphasized.

It urged Ohakim to align with the principles of truth, justice, and fair play by supporting Owerri zone’s bid for the governorship in accordance with the Imo Charter of Equity.

“It is untrue that Owerri zone worked against his re-election in 2007. His policies as governor, such as the destruction of people’s homes and businesses under the guise of urban renewal, were unpopular,” it stated

OZAC pointed out that these policies, although theoretically commendable, were poorly executed and lacked a human face, leading to significant impoverishment of many Imo citizens by destroying their livelihoods without compensation.

“Such unfeeling policies significantly contributed to the disenchantment with Ohakim’s administration,”

The group dismissed the notion that Ohakim’s return to power in 2027 would be the quickest route for Owerri zone to produce a governor, arguing instead for a direct and unambiguous approach.

“Owerri zone would not choose a short cut to Government House, when the road to such destination is wide and clear.

“We don’t need Ohakim’s second tenure to get to Imo governorship, but rather we believe that the collective resolve of our people in collaboration with well-meaning Imolites, apostles, and advocates of justice, equity, and fair play, in Okigwe and Orlu zones, would ensure Owerri zone gets to Imo governorship,” the statement concluded.

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