Why OZOPOLF Finally Supported Rochas In 2015, Says Prince Charles Amadi (INTERVIEW)

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During the 2015 Governorship Election OZOPOLF, which is an acronym for Owerri Zone political Leaders Forum, no doubt became a rallying point for the actualisation of the Owerri project. The group under the Leadership of Ikeduru born billionaire mobilised Owerri sons and daughters who were very determined to support Owerri Zone project of producing the Governor of Imo state of Owerri zone extraction. The body gained a lot of political momentum and was almost the deciding force in terms of political moblisation, alliances and funding. It was glaring for all political parties to take advantage of Ozopolf deep consultations and reach to all stakeholders for their bid to produce the next governor. Unfortunately, the PDP which was a prime and formidable party in the State didn’t see the clear signals and possibility. In this short narrative the convener and sponsor of OZOPOLF, heaped the entire blame of the loss on two Imo sons of Mbaise extraction. Excerpts:

Why did OZOPOLF support Rochas Okorocha at the last minute in the 2015 Governorship election rather than Emeka Ihedioha ?

Well, I think that as we are now approaching the next transition after an eight year tenure of Dist. Sen Hope Uzodimma, Governor of Imo State from Orlu Zone, it is important to x-ray why OZOPOLF finally supported Rochas Okorocha leading to the loss of Owerri Zone in that election. It will also afford The political class the opportunity to know exactly what transpired, the actors, the actions, inactions and the lessons learnt to prevent a repeat in 2027.

In late 2014, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha had on a few occasions identified and supported OZOPOLF with bags of rice, cartons of tomatoes, cash of N500,000 and regular presence. Surprisingly, as soon as he emerged the candidate of PDP the whole leaderships of OZOPOLF noticed a total change of attitude. He was no longer accessible and never honoured our request for meetings. After one of our Exco. deliberations on the matter, I approached Chief
Tony Chukwu and complained about this development and total disregard and disrespect to OZOPOLF and its leaders irrespective of my personal relationship with him.

Chief Tony Chukwu arranged a reconciliation meeting between Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and myself the OZOPOLF leader. On the agreed date I arrived at Chief Tony Chukwus office in Abuja. Present was Chief Longers Anyanwu. A few minutes later Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and Austin Papa his kinsman arrived.

At the meeting Chief Chukwu introduced the topic and reason for bringing us together and emphasised that it was timely and expedient for the two groups to reconcile and work together so as to make the winning easier and less cumbersome. He requested Emeka Ihedioha who was the PDP Guber candidate to address the meeting. Ihedioha declined and quickly nominated Chief Austin Cosmas to speak on behalf of their team. Austin in his boastful speech devoid of decorum spoke so much in parables and said finally, My brothers, OZOPOLF no doubt started cooking this soup for owerri project. But we have taken it over from OZOPOLF and the soup is almost ready.” When I asked him who are the WE, he said ” I mean “MBAISE NATION” and that if OZOPOLF is loyal to them, when the soup is done then they will give OZOPOLF a little to lick”. As if MBAISE is not part of Owerri zone and Owerri zone part of imo state.

At that point Chief Tony Chukwu got angry and interjected with a warning that we are not here to be intimidated or taken for a ride by anybody. Chief Austin Papa continued and concluded by saying that what “WE” meaning; the “MBAISE nation” expect OZOPOLF to do is to key in and work with them because for this election victory is assured. He further said that for now it is an “MBAISE PROJECT” and that they are good to go with or without collaboration with OZOPOLF and or any other group(s) at this late hour. A visibly embarrassed Tony Chukwu asked Emeka Ihedioha if he has any comment to add, but he retorted that Austin’s presentation was their group’s position on the issue.

When I was asked to react, I merely said that since the soup is almost ready, that OZOPOLF team have not finished with the recipes and ingredients yet for the realization of the soup project following his analogy. But at this point I was rebuffed by them leading to a deadlock and the meeting ended on a sad note. Chief Tony and Longers were visibly disappointed and angry.

With the arrogant posture and presentation by Emeka and Austin coupled with the fact that the project is no longer OWERRI ZONE made up of nine local governments but now an MBAISE PROJECT of only three local governments. OZOPOLF decided to prove a point and went into alliance with Okorocha who willingly appreciated and received OZOPOLF and its teeming supporters with open arms. It was a notorious fact that OZOPOLF delivered our voting strength during the election leading to Okorocha’s victory.

So you can see how all the efforts and sacrifices of OZOPOLF was brutally and selfishly truncated by Ihedioha and his team who had concluded that the election was over and in their self serving favor. To them OZOPOLF partnership will not make any meaning to the Ihedioha Campaign Council and they paid dearly for it.

This time around, OZOPOLF has marshaled out her generals once again and fully dedicated to Owerri Zone’s cause, working together with our natural allies in both Orlu and Okigwe zones and will commit everything to make power shift to Owerri Zone in 2027, under the principles of equity working in synergy with all other like minds or groups from Owerri Zone to record a maximum impact towards our collective success in 2027.

Furthermore, OZOPOLF is propelled and strengthened by the fact that His Excellency the Governor had in several political gatherings promised to support owerri zone to takeover from him in 2027 by the grace of God. The OZOPOLF I lead have implicit confidence in our God sent Governor Dist. Sen Hope Uzodimma who will not renege on his pledge to hand over power to anyone from Owerri zone . We shall also support the GOVERNOR, massively on anyone he CONSIDERS fit and proper to take over from him in Owerri zone for the overall benefits and interest of our dear State Imo. OZOPOLF shall leave no stone unturned working with His Excellency in realization of his pledge to Owerri people; for Fairness is Equity

It is alleged that you are preparing your son to run for the governorhip position in 2027.

Ans: Perhaps, I should ask you How old will Honorable Akarachi Amadi my son be in 2027? And what is the present constitutional provision for the age limit of one to run for governorhip position in Nigeria?
Is he qualified going by his present age?

Question3: Do you believe that the Governor will still maintain his decision to handover to Owerri if put under undue pressure by his kinsmen to rather support one of their own in 2027 ?

Ans: Absolutely, the Governor Uzodinma I know is a man of his words. If there’s one legacy aside his development agenda which he wants to bequeath to Imo people is to stabilize the polity by smooth handover to owerri person as his successor no matter the pressure. He will right the age long wrong this time and he has promised. This will count as one of his major legacies.

Thank you.

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