It is interesting to note that no group or forum in Orlu Zone has declared that it will not support the agitation of Owerri zone to produce the next governor of Imo State in 2019.

With two years to the next governorship election, there has been a legitimate and fierce agitation by Owerri zone to produce the next occupant of Government House, Owerri.

Their calmour is not out of place. It is in order and an honest claim.  Owerri zone is the most marginalized of the three geo political zones in the state. It is the weeping child of the Imo political family.  It had not produced an Imo state governor since 1993 after Evan Enwerem was kicked out of office by military jackboots.

Orlu and Okigwe zones have had more than a bigger bite of the pie governing Imo State for a total of 32 years by the time Governor Rochas Okorocha completes his tenure in 2019. Orlu zone alone had produced Achike Udenwa from 1999- 2007 and Rochas Okorocha from 2011 which will end in 2019.  Okigwe zone produced Late Sam Mbakwe (1979- 1983 and Ikedi Ohakim 2007- 2011).  The above records therefore justify the fiery agitation of Owerri zone for Imo governorship seat despite strong protestations and counter claims manufactured  by anti zoning forces in the state.

Anti zoning elements in the state who are in the minority and whose views enjoy no sympathy, contend that zoning breeds mediocres in governance and is out of tandem with modern governance. Whichever way one looks at the argument,  it is a selfish and lame discourse.

Owerri zone stand justified on its claims and this could possibly be the reason why at the moment, the core political groups, those that matter in Orlu politics shape and dictate the political direction of Orlu zone have not voiced out against the agitation of their sister Owerri zone. They seem to be watching the political situation with bated breadth and perhaps with a deep sense of honesty.

Aside the ambitions of few individuals from Orlu zone whose aspirations has not elicited any form of interest and reaction from majority of Imo people, no serious politician or group from Orlu zone has kicked against the legitimate demands of Owerri zone at least for now. At the same time, one cannot ascribe such silence by such core groups,  relevant stakeholders and the Orlu political intelligentsia as an indication that it is oblivious of their sincere agitation  and therefore cannot be seen to be truncating a demand anchored on justice and fairplay.

This conclusion can be derived from the fact the no group such as Orluzuremee and Orlu Political Action Committee have denounced the clamour of Owerri zone which has maintained faith in the Imo tripod despite its maginalization and political neglect for many years. We only believe that this posture will be sustained and translated into reality and not to converted to a gimmick, a smokescreen to unleash a selfish political agenda when 2019 is very close.

May be only time will tell if the silence is golden or a strategy for a u- turn when the chips are down. I hope not.


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