By Bruno Ugochukwu#

It is often said: The quality of crops determines the harvest which figuratively means; that the number of our well groomed youths will determine the future and it is paradoxical to State; the child is the father of man which symbolizes that the mantle of leadership will bestowed on our contemporary youths in the areas of: politics, academic, hospitals, religious institutions, legal institution, family, traditional institutions and entertainment outfits. We ought to understands that “no youth no future”.

Before I progress with my stand point, let me commence by introducing, who is a youth? And what are the features of a youth?

According to oxford advanced learners dictionary, youth is the time of life when a person is young, especially the time before a child attains adulthood. A youth is normally between the age bracket of (18-35). Youngsters are usually bubbling with vigour and the glory of the youth is their strength, young people are always of single status, it is a time of confronting obstacles and temptations one can recall in the bible: in matt 4:10; our Lord Jesus Christ who was a young man then, was tempted by the devil for earthly kingship in which Jesus rebuked and defeated Satan. It is also through such hard act the lord builds them up for posterity purposes. Some who couldn’t withstand the wind were trampled down by evil one, no wonder the bible instructed us in 2 Tim 2:22 “To flee from youthful lust but follow righteousness, peace and love together with those that call upon the lord out of a pure heart.”

Youths are always creative through their youthful prowess. I can vividly, said that it was William Bill Gate and Paul Allen that developed the computer Micro Software during their youthful days and they made it easier for one to access computer in our homes and offices. Also it was through young Schedrach, Meschac and Abadnego that changed Babylonians form worshiping idols to knowing God.

It is also a time for youths to embrace God in their lives as their creator and when a young person anchors his foundation in line with God; the person is unshakable like Mount Zion and the bible admonished us to “remember our creator in the days of our youth in reference to Eccle 12:1.

In our modern society: majority of our youths have been sent to their early graves owing to youthful exuberance which portrays: prostitution, fornication, abortion, homosexuality cum lesbianism, drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking. Criminal activities like: stealing, burglary, rape, cyber crimes and indulging in satanic union in order to acquire quick riches. These devilish devices have deprived the society of able bodied youths who could contribute to societal development. it is a doom to the country. At this juncture, I ask in accordance with the scripture in James 1 : 5 “is any of our youths lacking wisdom let him/her ask God who gives liberally to all who seek it.

What is wisdom? Wisdom is the ability to discern between good and bad, it is only God that can give it, it can’t be gotten through books and academic materials, and that’s why in 1kings 3:5-12 when the kingdom of Israel was transferred to the young Solomon son of king David; the Lord appeared to him in a dream and ask him what he desires, he told God to grant him wisdom to govern his people and because of Solomon request for wisdom; the riches of these earth was given to him. The wisdom of Solomon manifested in 1kings 3:16-28 “when two harlots were laying claim to a child, one of them lost her child and was agitating for the child, when the case appeared in front of the king, he ordered that the child should be divided. The mother of the dead child welcomed the decision, while the rightful mother of the living child pleaded that the child should not be killed but given to another woman and king Solomon uttered: give the rightful mother her child and don’t slay it and all the Israelites who heard the judgment feared the king and saw that the wisdom of God dwells in him.

Youngsters should exhibit their wisdom: especially in choosing their careers, they ought to implore God’s aid to direct them towards their vocation, in the sense that God created everyone for a mission to be accomplished on this earth for Prov. 3:13-14 said: whoever finds wisdom and gets understanding his or her income is better than silver and Gold. Youths should utilize their wisdom especially in our educational institutions and offices in order to make sensible decisions and actualize positive results and strive to associate with wise people in order to live a happy life.

Young people should apply wisdom during trials, tribulations and hard times especially when treading on the valleys of the earth, they shouldn’t allow the maladies of life to drive them, but should utilize their spiritual prowess in order to conquer it. For challenges makes life interesting. John mason postulated: “paths without obstacles don’t lead anywhere, your problem is your promotion and Robert Schuller Opined: “Tough times Never last but Tough people do”.

Also they should apply wisdom when they intend to embark on marital union and ask God to reveal to them their marriage partner in order to enjoy the fruits of marriage, A lot of crashed marriages today were done without God’s approval.

I normally over heard young people who brag with atrocities as their trade; feeling that they are wise, but this is pure misconception; because anyone who engages in frivolities that breaches the peace of the society is unwise. For Job 28:28 said: “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and to depart from evil is understanding.

I want to urge the youths to request wisdom from God and he will give it to them, As a young man: I have asked for wisdom in my prayer and God endow me with it and I am reaping from it today.


Bruno Ugochukwu is a youth affairs analyst

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