As an astute observer of Imo State’s ever-changing political dynamics, it’s evident that the looming prospect of Owerri zone clinching the governorship in 2027 has stirred significant ‘unrest’ among some forces within Orlu and Okigwe Zones.

The Imo Charter of Equity, coupled with Governor Hope Uzodimma’s pledge to cede power to Owerri zone in 2027, has raised some sentiments, particularly from Okigwe zone, which harbours its own aspirations for the gubernatorial seat in 2027.

For dissenting voices, the Imo Charter of Equity lacks the legal authority to enforce its provisions.

They assert that gubernatorial candidates from Okigwe and Orlu should not be excluded from contesting the 2027 elections.

Of particular concern is the apparent hesitance, though in hushed tones from Orlu zone regarding the potential ascendancy of someone from Owerri zone to Imo Government House.

The conspicuous silence emanating from Orlu zone about Owerri zone Guber Bid raises questions about underlying factors, which invariably hints of a broader political calculus yet to unfold.

While speculation abounds, it remains uncertain whether Governor Uzodimma will yield to pressure and renege on his commitment to Owerri zone in 2027, given the capricious nature of politics where promises are often contingent on shifting alliances and interests.

Recent Commissioner appointments from Owerri zone, is capable of casting doubt on the administration’s steadfastness towards the Owerri zone gubernatorial agenda.

The appointment of three commissioners of the total number of sixteen- Hon. Bede Eke, Ikenna Elezianya and Anselem Anyanwu, all former PDP members who defected to the APC recently, has raised eyebrows within Owerri zone’s political circles, especially in the APC.

Moreover, the apparent sidelining of key figures and grassroots supporters within the APC stronghold of Owerri zone in favour of new decampees suggests a strategic realignment on the part of the Governor in the zone.

Personally, it signals a breakaway from the core APC political framework in Owerri zone that secured and aided Governor Uzodimma’s reelection within the zone.

The implications of these developments are profound and for any keen political observer, it should be worrisome for those who understand undercurrents in the shark infested waters of politics.

The equitable distribution of appointments to a zone poised and assured to produce a governor holds significant implications for an impending power shift.

The disparity in appointment numbers, with Orlu zone boasting of over 10 commissioner designates, a Chief of Staff, and two Deputy Chiefs of Staff, raises concerns. Such imbalances signal political inclinations and potential outcomes, especially with an upcoming transition in four years time.

It’s imperative for Owerri zone, particularly within the ruling APC, to diligently pursue the gubernatorial seat, eschewing complacency and recognizing that power isn’t served on a platter.

Efforts must focus on proactive engagement rather than assuming entitlement to power. The signs are not too palatable. They are cloudy for now.


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