The Imo State Government has said rumour peddlers have been twisting the facts over what transpired during the relocation of the Eke Ukwu Owere market.

A statement by Sam Onwuemedo, Okorocha’s Chief Press Secretary, said it has come to the knowledge of the State government, the deliberate and concerted effort being made by some elements who do not love progress to use the relocation of the Eke Ukwu Owerri market to blackmail the government of the day and perharps cause undue tension.

Onwuemedo’s statement reads:

“It has come to our knowledge, the deliberate and Concerted effort being made by some elements who do not love Progress to use the relocation of the Ekeukwu Owerri market, to blackmail the government of the day and perhaps cause undue tension in the State.

“These people who have refused or failed to appreciate the good of relocating Ekeukwu market Owerri to a more acceptable area have been dishing out rumours upon rumours including rumours of people being shot dead. These are wicked rumours.

“The truth is that the Market is government’s Property and it is the decision of the government to relocate it to a better place and such action could not have led to such incident.

“The Security Personnel around the market were there to ensure peace and they played that role professionally.
We are also aware that before now the hoodlums who have been using the market and environs as areas of their Operations have been threatening fire and brimstone over the government’s decision to move the market.

“These hoodlums had also embarked on looting which led their being Confronted by some of the traders and it took the timely intervention of the Security Personnel to restore Order in that part of the market.

“Unfortunately, those who hate progress have gone out with certain disturbing Claims and have also posted some photographs that have nothing to do with the Owerri issue on the social media just to see if they could discredit the government and the patriotic action taken in the overall interest of the State.

“And Nigerians who have been following events in the State would attest that for almost two years the government has been announcing its intention to relocate the Ekeukwu Market to a better place.

“The governor has asked the Security agencies in the State to investigate the rumours for the truth to be ascertained.

Sam Onwuemeodo
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor


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