Only Igbos who believe in Nigeria and residing in the North are to stay back in the region. This who believe in Biafra should rather leave.

This is the take of Arewa Youths who who said that they had meetings on the ultimatum, but were yet to lift the quit notice.

Leader of the youths, Shettima Yerima said in Abuja that the coalition of northern youths are presently consulting with stakeholders across the federation in a bid to review its position. He said he could not remember when the youths lifted the quit notice order.

Shettima however assured that within the week, the youths would make a statement.

“But you can be rest assured that those who believe in Nigeria should remain where they are and be assured of their safety. But to those who don’t believe in Nigeria, we cannot guarantee their safety.

“So, it’s better if you want to do your Biafra, you stay and do your Biafra over there. But if you believe in Nigeria, we intend to work side by side with you to build the nation of our dreams.”


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