Concern and worries have been expressed by operators of the newly introduced taxi cabs in Owerri metropolis, “Taximo” by the Imo State Government.

Newspaper reports had also lamented the rise in fake operators who ply the cab without due authorization from relevant quarters.

It has been observed that private operators run taxis in the ciy without the yellow and black colours officially painted on Taximo cabs. Some Owerri residents have also raised alarm on the development calling on the State government to intervene and halt the menace.

However, in the last one month, some of the Taximo cabs have been spotted either broken down on the road or streets of Owerri.

One of the operators who spoke on condition of anonymity said since he paid the mandatory fee to secure the cab, he has spent so much on repairs  after using it for barely a week.

” I only used this cab thrice. It broke down along MCC road and since then it has been at the Mechanic. I recovered it back from the mechanic after spending so much” he said.

Another operator, James Osuji said his cab has broken down more than thrice since he took delivery of it.

” This is discouraging. The Cabs are just breaking down easily and I wonder if it is from the make of the cab or a serious mechanical fault. I hope it does not  continue” he said

This newsper had severally spotted broken down Taximo cabs in the city raising concern how long it will serve the purpose of the State government in banning Keke operators in the city.

The State government intend to ban Keke Operators soon in Owerri. The ban was earlier scheduled for September but the decision was later rescinded after pleas from operators who pleaded to Governor Rochas Okorocha for extension of time.

But in a volte face, the Keke operators were later instructed to stop plying major roads in Owerri such as Wethedral,Bank and Okigwe roads as Taximo operators took over. This led to some protests.




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