Ordinarily I would not have reacted to an article published in one of the newspapers in Imo state that was credited to All Progressive Congress Party in the state where the name of His Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Araraume was emphatically mentioned. But for the reason of clarity and truth I am stirred to put the record straight to remain detribalized and incorruptible to prove to the good people of Imo State that All Progressive Congress will retain Douglas house only if the mantle of governorship is handed down to who the cap fits in the person of Senator Ifeanyi Araraurne whose bread is in all ramifications better buttered than any other intending aspirant for the 2019 Gubernatorial election in Imo state.

There is no doubt the fact that the nature of APC likewise any other political party organization depends on the function which the party is called upon to perform to aggravate and harness political opinions. Such political party comprises of citizens who hold similar political opinion to control the government. They are very largely conditioned by the existence and activity of the political party they belong to. To this effect, All progressive congress, APC party has credible ideologies which are well structured to develop the citizens of Imo State under the leadership of Owelle Dr Rochas Anayo Okorocha OON.

It is obvious that APC under the leadership of His Excellency, Governor Okorocha is performing and carrying on governance1 and development of the state to the best of his ability .However given the resources that have accrued to the state within this period, some school of thought claimed that the state would have felt better with somebody else. All Progressive Congress has come to stay in the state because APC won the 2015 general elections. The question that would be readily asked is “How did APC win that election? In the 2015 elections itself, virtually every imolite was aware of the fact that when the rescue mission cannot rescue itself, it had to seek for a rescuer and the rescuer was Senator Ifeanyi Araraume.

It is therefore crystal clear to note that Destiny Organization is a formidable structure that came into APC to deliver Rochas Okorocha. When the governor and the party realized that they were going to lose the election, he searched for a structure to help him win the election, he had to look for a political structure that has sagacity to deliver him. Today the destiny group is alive and the Fan club has spring up to work for the senator’s 2019 ambition.

Imo electorates cannot forget in a hurry what truly transpired during the 2015 governorship election in the state. Indeed it was a tussle best described as ‘the battle of the titans’ that was nearly lost by APC until the Distinguished senator Ifeanyi Araraume gave him the Destiny organization structure he applied to win the election. This simply means that without the inputs of senator. Ifeanyi Araraume, Douglas house today would have been occupied by Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and PDP.

In relation to the issue of 2019 election and the hustle and bustle of who will succeed Okorocha, it is pertinent to state that it is only God that makes a king and so nobody should play God or become the Nostradamus of Imo state, (the man who saw tomorrow).As students, of history, we know that out-going governors who have insisted on planting, imposing and bringing about their own successor who in themselves would not ordinarily have aspired or want to become governors and are ill-prepared for the job, often at times fall out with their godfathers within the shortest possible time. For instance, the internal strife between former governor Peter Obi of Anambra State and Governor Obiano, former president Obasanjo and Gbenga Daniel, the former governor Nnamani and Sullivan Chime of Enugu State to mention but a few.

With the scenario as painted by the writer in that publication as the confusion that will befall Okorocha in terms of his gubernatorial choice (puppets). It is important to note that the writer aptly captured the consequences of such decision. Again close associates of the governor often categorize him as a penny pinching leader, someone who does not release money easily mostly when it comes to election, how then could he fund his anointed successor among the personalities mentioned by the writer.

More so, the issue of age limitation is not only unconstitutional but disenfranchises a reasonable segment of Imo people. Whosoever that is qualified by the law must be allowed to contest and the people will decide the candidate to vote. If the governor is talking of age limit in All progressive congress party, (APC), is it going to be applicable in other political parties? So I see such pronouncement as a charade. It is an issue that does not hold water and does not make sense in the doctrine of politics. It is a restriction of liberty that can be considered unjust.

In the words of James mill “in democracy those who are politically minded to play their legitimate part in public life cannot be closed to those who benefit for it without contracting their life and stunting their development”. For me restriction of age has nothing to do with maturity of mindset. It is the maturity of mindset that translates action to success. Therefore the people of Imo must be allowed to vote their choice governor at the poll. To achieve our collective desire therefore, the electorate must be armed with their accredited permanent voters card PVC to win the primaries. They have to be obedient to the rule of INEC and demonstrate the sincerity of purpose, determination, prayer and hard work to decide the next Governor of the state come 2019.

For 2019, Imo people need a selfless leader, a strong, credible, progressive & tested individual with the political muscle for the position of governorship. APC cannot afford to filed a “paper weight” candidate who cannot stand in the eyes of Imo people the mere mention of big or heavy weight that will carry the flag of other political parties. The writer in his write up mentioned state charter of equity, that chapter to the best of my knowledge has been proven non-existent document and as such can be discountenance. The assertion by the writer that Okorocha will rather choose death than to see Araraume succeed him is a misnomer. The appropriate time the governor will see reasons to support the candidature of Senator Ifeanyi Araume because with him the people will enjoy the totality of true democracy and substance of quality leadership in Imo State.

Therefore the writer’s opinion that Imo APC will be polarize to the advantage of the opposition due to the issue of governorship flag bearer is untrue. APC as a party is well structured and organized. It has its constitution tie, the rule of law will come to bare.

The writer pointed on that Sen. Araraume is the independent minded aspirant. The true position from a reliable source proved that Sen. Ararume had not fully declared for governorship but only intimated the Governor of his intension to run for 2019 governorship election. It should be noted that it is the governor in one of his SDC meetings that announced to the council members that only Sen. Araraume had told him of his intention to run for the 2019 election. The pertinent question to ask at this point in time is if the news making the rounds that the governor is hell bent on denying sen Ifeanyi Ararume the ticket of APC is true, why does he want to do so?

The political class may have concluded that it is either he has stolen so much money and wants to cover up by planting his stooge or he is afraid of the unknown. What Imo needs in 2019, is a governor that is strong, focused, and has the reach and contacts to move the state forward. Meanwhile there are vital factors in Nigerian politics that constitutes a successful election, political party as a platform takes 20%, personality value of the contestant takes 50% and the well withal which acts as the catalyst takes the remaining 30%.

It is important to state that as things stand now and giving the economic and political position in Imo, the 2019 election will be an election based on the individual and not the political party. Distinguished Senator Ifeanyichukwu Ararume from what pundits and analysts have posited, the laws of the land, political opponents and the public range have endorsed his submission for the job of 2019 Imo Governor.

Princely onyenwe is a public opinion analyst, human rights activist and media consultant.08036856526


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