Cash squeeze has hit the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP in Imo State as the era of money flow seems to be over.

It was learnt most activities of the party are now hampered by inadequate funds as party officials rely on meagre donations and handouts from party chieftains to run the affairs of the party.

A source told this online newspaper that gone are the days money flow ceaselessly as the situation worsened after the PDP lost power at the centre.

The source said “So many activities of the party are frustrated by lack of funds.  Sometimes party officials tax themselves to carry out party functions and duties. This is a deviation from the past where money flow from left,right and centre.The case is not so now.

“During elections money comes from Abuja and complimented by huge donations by public office holders in the party at the State and Federal levels”

“The recession in the country appears to have found root in the party in the State though there is the belief that the situation will change when party primary comes close” he said.

This newspaper had learnt that the party in Owerri zone had to rely on contributions from ordinary members of the party who contributed their widows might pay for the rent of the party office.

Most of the pledges are said not to have been redemeed by majority of those who made the contributions after some party stalwarts had also pledged to contribute.

The Owerri zone party office was paid for the Senator Representing Owerri Zone, Senator Samuel Anyanwu.

Other party leaders such as Hon.Emeak Ihedioha, Member Representing Owerri Federal Constituency, Hon.Ezenwa Onyewuchi and other federal lawmakers made pledges to aid the activities of the party in the zone.



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