Christmas is the nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ: which is usually celebrated world wide by Christians on 25th of December every year.

God spoke through the prophet Isaiah 7:14 “therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: the Virgin will conceive and give birth to a Son and will call him Immanuel. Although the celebration of Christmas have divided Christians in their denominations, because no one knew the actual date of Christmas. Many Christians observes it, while few Christians don’t insinuating is it true that it was on 25th of December that our Lord Jesus Christ was born. whatever may be the case, it has been adopted in Christendom and it is not easy that after the fall of man according to Gen 3: God still pardoned mankind. No wonder every Christian usually save a huge amount of money for this feast “unto us a Child is born and unto us a son is given according to Isaiah 9:6.

During Christmas: there is usually a high rate of inflation of goods and services in the market, owing to the selfishness of traders; who uses it to amass wealth for themselves. a lot of events occurs during Christmas like wedding, football competition, Carnivals and naming ceremonies, while on the contrary the devil utilizes it to manipulate Christian youths who are not Spiritually strong as youths are advised to employ their Spiritual prowess during the festive period. Also Bible admonished us to use power, and authority bestowed on us by God to quench satanic forces during this season.

The youths are the greatest asset of every country; because the future belongs to them, as usual “man is a polymorphous animal” they are always bubbling with Vigor, no wonder Paul advised Timothy according to 2Tim 2:22 to flee from evil passions of youth but follow righteousness, peace and love together with those that call upon the Lord out of a pure heart because youthful age is tempting.

So the holy bible said in 1Tim 6:6-10 “Godliness with contentment is of great gain, we brought nothing in this world and we will take out nothing for the love of money is root of all evils. and youths who craves it through negative means are trapped by evil one. Contentment means feeling great satisfaction over what you have in life and desiring to acquire more through Positive steps as we all know that “human want is Insatiable.

A story was told some years ago during Christmas: about three youths who wanted to celebrate Christmas through dubious Means; were asked by some satanic men to be turned into vultures and feed on human flesh for seven days in which they accepted, and during the satanic ceremony they became vultures and didn’t change to human being again. ab initio they were promised to be wealthy but they ended up in their early graves. My fellow youngsters is it the type of Christmas you planned for yourself? Majority of our youths will engage in criminal activities in order to celebrate Christmas and many will be trapped during this yuletide and their future will be terminated.

Many will end up in hospital bed; owing to excessive intake of alcohol and smoking during this festival period.

Christmas should serve as a festival to enjoy, make peace and relieve of anxiety and other maladies of life and not for committing atrocious acts.
The youths organizations should organize lectures and seminars in order to sensitize youths on the true celebration of Christmas. and urge youngsters to refrain from evil during this season.

Parents should inculcate in their wards about Christmas ethics. Also the church as the body of Christ should instill Christmas values in our youths. As we celebrate this season with joy am wishing my fellow youths, Merry Christmas and happy New Year in advance.


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