Innoson Motors is one of the biggest employers of labour in Nigeria after the Federal Government. Innoson Group has more people on its payroll than a number of State governments. Innoson does not indulge on any illegal business dealings. In more responsible countries of the world, such employers of labour are treated with lots of care, they are better respected than politicians and governments tinker their economic policies to ensure that they favour this set of people, because they do a lot to help countries keep going. Apart from providing jobs for the teeming population, they also do a lot to improve the country’s wealth, image and security. Innoson has taken thousands of people off the streets, thousands of prospective miscreants have become duly engaged, hence, converting their nuisance into productivity.

Innoson Manufacturing has done what no other company in Africa has done. It has put the name of Nigeria on the blue map of industrialization and creative entrepreneurship. Innoson has helped Nigeria, maybe, more than Nigeria can ever help it.

Information I have gathered so far, show that another cooperate organization, a financial institution, has colluded with some criminal elements within the Nigerian business environment to frustrate and intimidate Innocent Chukwuma, the CEO of INNOSON Manufacturing Company. They stole his money and they want him to shut up. This is wrong. It is more wrong that the Federal Government seems to be looking the other way while one of its best human assets is being frustrated and persecuted for doing nothing wrong. Innoson has done nothing wrong.

America is world power today, not because of the goods, services and inventions that the its government was able to produce, but because the government allowed the private sector to thrive. Donald Trump hinges his administration’s policies on; ‘AMERICA FIRST’; a policy aimed at protecting and promoting American business interests before any other thing. China is on the tails of America, economically, technologically and even politically, because it gave incentives to its private investors to thrive.

The Federal Government is wrong to allow its agency be used in frustrating and blackmailing one of its most resourceful industrialists. Arresting Innoson like he is a common criminal may hurt his business interests with his foreign partners and even other countries where he plans to expand his businesses to. Even if Innoson has done anything wrong, the Federal Government would have and should have found a way of resolving the issue amicably, without getting the media involved. This is because, this is no longer about Innoson as a firm, nor about Innocent Chukwuma as a persn, but it is about Nigeria as a country, Nigeria as a brand and millions of Nigerians, who benefit, directly or indirectly from Innoson’s economic revolution.

Let INNOSON be freed, let those who persecute him be warned. This war against Nigerians must stop. Innoson is more useful to Nigeria than 99% of our politicians. Get all these politicians into a bus, bundle all of them into EFCC detention camps, and let INNOSON be free.


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