By Nwamkpa Modestus

I am worried that a beautiful season like Christmas which is usually used to mark the birth of our lord Jesus Christ is fast becoming a time for the thriving of all manner of evil and atrocities. Iam particularly concerned just like many other persons may be that it does appear that this period has been so desecrated and abusived to the point that crime and other vices usually rear their ugly heads most during Christmas time.

Although, in reality, many commentators have doubted the actual date or time of birth of Jesus Christ and therefore have disagreed with the mapping out of 25th December as the auspicious birthday of Jesus Christ. They argued that Jesus Christ birth was not recorded and thus could not be accurately pinned to that date.
Biblically speaking, Jesus Christ was born in the manger at Bethlehem. And as a Christian, I agreed that his birth actually signified redemption and salvation to mankind. Historically, those who fixed this period to mark the birthday of Christ perhaps did it because of certain considerations chiefly among which was the climatic condition prevalent during the end of year which was said to be the same climate around the period that Jesus Christ was born. Instructively, it must be noted that the calendar we are using today was designed by man years after the birth of Christ.
In any case, this period of Christmas, because of its significance ordinarily ought to be a period of celebration, supplication and sanctification. But alas! this is not the case. Contrarily, Christmas is now the time for the promotion of all sorts of evil in the society.

For instance, in this period, prices of goods and services are usually beyond the reach of some people. Also, this period always witnessed an astronomical increase in different crimes comprising of armed robbery, Kidnapping, stealing, prostitution and other vices. It is during this period obviously that fuel and other essential commodities are horded, their prices increased and people are starved resulting in an untold hardship as is the present case in the country.
Again, road accidents are traditionally on the high because of the mad rush and excessive tours by people of all class and categories.

All these indices now make one to begin to wonder whether this Christmas period has not lost its meaning and salt. The level at which evil triumph within this period no doubt is beginning to obliterate whatever is the joy of the period.
Anyway, on a cheerful note, this period is really worth celebrating because of the reason for the season. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is ultimately our redeemer and he liveth. People use this period to renew acquaintances and communities also use this period to undertake developmental projects. New friends are made during this period and majority of the people celebrate wedding, naming ceremonies, birthdays, thanksgivings, House warming and other celebrations. So in effect, it is a period of joy and celebrations

But Humanity is gradually but sadly taken the shine off from the real essence of the period and this is indeed worrisome and should be discouraged.

It is at this short note that I shall alight from here. Until next week when we come your way again, please don’t forget in hurry that we are still Apostles on the Altar of Truth. Truth is and has always been our corner stone. We profess it undiluted and it is only the same Truth that will continue to set us free.


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