A front-line politician and a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC Cosmas Maduba (Odebube) whose entry into the House of Reps seat for Nwangele/Isu/Njaba/Nkwerre Federal Constituency has sent shock waves in the area has explained why he decided to join the contest.

Speaking to newsmen, he said those who go to the National Assembly are tested and people of proven record  capable of representing their people effectively.

Maduba said he is one of the most capable persons to effectively represent his people, adding that  he is not only qualified but has the experience and required political exposure to perform well if elected to represent his people at the House Representatives.

” The National Assembly is not a place for the inexperienced, not for small and little minded people. It is for those who can stand and represent their people very well. It is for those who have the network and capacity to deliver he said.

The political titan  expressed displeasure at the marginalization in Nwangele/Isu/Nkwerre/Isu federal constituency which he described as the largest federal constituency in the country.

He said Njaba and Isu have not produced anyone as a member of the House of Representatives from the area, pointing out that Nkwerre had for 12 years occupied the seat, while Nwangele had produced a representative for 8 years.

He frowned at the lopsidedness and marginalization in the area saying such imbalance should stop and be reversed. He said it is the turn of his local government to now take a shot at the House of Reps seat of the area in order to balance the equation.

Responding to a question,  he said it is not proper for one or two local governments to dominate the Reps seat of the area, pointing out that this makes nonsense of whatever Charter of Equity.

” Such Charter of Equity is taken for granted. it is not proper and beneficial for one local government to take everything” he said





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