Few days ago the people of Amainyi in Ihite Uboma Council Area of Imo State ancient clan defiled the biblical saying that a prophet is never without honour except in his home town and among his kinsmen as the sleepy but peaceful community was agog as they received one of their own CP Juli Okoro who retired from active service as Commissioner of Police for over seven years ago.

The event was so important that the entire ancient clan closed shops on Monday and assembled at the Palace of their youthful traditional Ruler-HRH Eze Pharmacist Emeka Ogbonnaya, (Eze Ohazurumee 3rd of Amainyi) with various dance troupes who sang song of praises for their daughter who worked last with the Nigerian Police Force as the Ebonyi State Commissioner of Police.

HRH Eze Ogbonnaya and his beautiful Ugoeze and members of Eze-in-Council, Ndi-Nze na Ozo were in the historical palace adored in their unique traditional regalia and were on hands to receive the first female Commissioner of Police ever produced by the Eastern Heartland State with pomp and pageantry.

It was a moment of joy and nostagic happiness as the Commissioner of Police though retired but looks angelic and agile moved round the various dance troupes dance steps justified that truly she is home groom and the shout of Iglool Iglooll rents the air. This being a pet name she earned from her admirers and contemporaries right from her childhood just to appreciate her beauty, athletic built and humility as she did her primary and secondary schools within the remote but neglected Community.

Several elderly men testified how Compol Okoro used her position and earnings in the overall development of the community as they applauded her patriotism, compassion, humility and philatropism.

Subsequently, in appreciation of her overwhelming contributions towards the upliftment of the ancient clan and humanity at large, HRH Eze Emeka Ogbonnaya with his cabinet members conferred her with prestigious chieftaincy title.

Among the eminent citizens of the ancient clan that poured encomiums on their virtuous woman of indomitable courage is Hon. Peter Orji (Big do) one time Commissioner for Works, Transport, Housing and Public Utilities in Imo State who described the celebrant as a role model and an embodiment of discipline.

Orji pointed out that it is not easy for their daughter who joined the Nigeria Police Force in 1973 as rank and file to have risen to the position of Commissioner of Police alleging that if not her early retirement that she would have ended up serving the nation as the first female inspector General of Police as she earned intimidating profile.
He commended Eze Ogbonna for the recognition and appreciation of one of their own who has excelled in her chosen endeavour and brought honour and fame to her rural community.

The former Commissioner insisted that the ancient clan must plan to give her further elaborated and worthy reception as a mark of encouragement and respect for success and progress so as to motivate their youth to appreciate that hard work and honesty pays.

He also addressed members of the Community on the need to jettison, bickering, wrangling, acrimony and division but to embrace brotherly Love, unity and forgiven spirit noting these as antidotes for development growth and progress.

While Nze Boniface Asiegbu Orji and Ezinna Ambrose Ihezie noted the recognition and celebration as the first of its kind since the inception of the ancient clan and commended Eze Ogbonna for his open mindedness and progressive orientation.

Nze Calistus Agomuo, the President General of the foremost Autonomous Community and the Secretary of the Community Government Council (CGC) applauded the commissioner for her labour of love to the Community and its citizens.

Agomuo regretted the Federal Government early retirement of their illustrious daughter noting that most of her mates are still serving the Security Agency.

He advised her not to relent in her endeavour to serve her fatherland and prayed for God’s grace to be upon her life just as he advised the Community on the need to respect and accord recognition to senior citizens.

Speaking from the throne, HRH Eze Pharmacist Emeka Ogbonna expressed gratitude to the celebrant for her gallantry while in service.

The royal father attested that the essence of the celebration cum recognition is to appreciate patriotism, hardwork and determination to positively succeed in life considering the odds in the background of their illustrious daughter.
He enjoined people the need to celebrate progress noting her also as the first female Commissioner of Police posted out to hold a command describing that as no mean feat.

Eze Ogbonna passionately advised parents on the need to give their children good training and education commending the Amazon for not allowing her early background to deter her vision to be somebody in Nigeria.
Responding, CP Juli Okoro Iroham (Rtd) expressed surprise over the level of reception and recognition accorded to her by her kinsmen and traditional ruler.

The Commissioner of Police recalled how her poor background almost frustrated her efforts in life but gave kudos to her mother and God Almighty for their immense grace and assistance.

According to her “I recalled vividly how out of poverty and vicissitudes of life, my father stopped paying my school fees when I was in class four but my mother bluntly refused and gave me a push that aided me to complete my secondary school here in this community.

“Again, we were 98 that were recruited on the same day and sent to Police College but when I retired we were only 8 of us that successfully retired. Some died, some sick, some dismissed due to one indiscipline or the other. Thus thank God for a clean slate the journey was not easy but He remained any guide and shepherd” she noted.

The senior citizens recalled her gallantries while in service that earned her international and national recognition and enjoined parents to give quality education and training to their children to enable the children nurture good attitude and be responsible to their generation.


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