Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, a governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progressive Congress, APC has taken his aspiration to Orluzurumee, the apex socio political group in Orlu Zone, Imo State.

Araraume met with the leaders of the group where he assured that if by the grace of God and with the good will of the people, he becomes governor in 2019, Imo state will surely regain it’s lost glory as there will be integrated social, economic, and infrastructural development, across board.

He said “All stolen and wrongly appropriated properties will be recovered and returned to the real owners. The oil producing areas will also get hundred percent of their 13% derivatives, while pensioners and civil servants will begin to receive their full emoluments as and when due”

He expressed regrett on  the level of education and health care in the state which he said  have completely deteriorated.

“We have buildings without equipments, or personnel and occupied by rodents and reptiles in the name of hospitals.The Imo State Teaching Hospital, built and equipped by Achike Udenwa is now a shadow of itself and has lost accreditation in core areas”. he said

The Isiebu, Isiala Mbano, born  politician who holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in International Relation noted with dismay that aside the roads built by the federal government and those constructed by the Udenwa administration, it is impossible for one to drive smoothly on any 500 kilometer road in the state.

He said “Ours is also the only state where road construction is done manually with head pans, shovels, etc in the 21st century. All structures of government including the traditional institution, the judiciary, legislature and even the civil service have all been destroyed or made lame ducks. If we allow what is presently going on in the state to continue, very soon, virtually all organs of government in the state will collapse and we will have nothing to hand over to our children”

The senator frowned at the idea of owing pensioners backlog of salaries, demolishing lawfully acquired properties of the people without paying compensation, embarking on white elephant projects that have no economic benefits without necessary designs, bill of quantity or recourse to a tender’s board as statutorily required.

Senator Araraume said there is need for collective and concerted efforts to remove the present leadership and enthrone one that will place premium on the rule of law, make payment of salaries and pensions a top priority, be sensitive about the welfare of the people and feel their pulse before implementing any programme or policy.

“What Imo state needs in 2019, is a listening government that will be sensitive, fair, just, alive to it’s responsibilities and also adhere strictly to the it’s oath of office and the principles of good governance” he said

A former deputy governor of Imo state, Dr Douglas Acholonu, Chief Ejike Uche (Dimkpasaa), Dr Chris Esiobu, former Vice Chancellor of Imo State University, Prof. Awuzie, Dr Goddy Esom Obodo (Prince of the oil kingdom), Prof. Protus Uzorma and many other prominent sons of Orlu spoke in separately on behalf of Orluzurumee.

The Chairman, Board of Trustees of the union, Prof. F.C Dike (SAN) commended Senator Araraume for visiting them stating that they have noted all he said.

“There is really a problem in Imo and all hands should be on deck to salvage the state” Dike said

President General of Orluzurumee, Chief (Engr.) Chime Nzeribe stated that Araraume is  one of the few politicians that sincerely keep and nurture friendship.

He disclosed that in no distant time, Orlu zone will hold a summit after which the “Orlu declaration” will be made known and open.

He advised him to continue to work hard stating that other aspirants have come around to confer with them.

“Very soon, we will make a statement” he declared

Others present at the meeting includ Sir Bonny Ajuogu and other prominent sons of Orlu zone


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