The people of Imo State will soon be making another mistake in the forthcoming general election if things are not done the right way and this is if Senator Samdaddy won’t be part of it. Promises are on air and the electorate seems to have forgotten that the sound of a bitter-cola is different from its taste. The man of the people Senator Samuel Anyanwu is the man that Imolites wants and the recent experience I had last weekend when he hosted members of Divine Mandate Movement at his country home in Ikeduru says it all.

I see Imo people being swayed by the wind of poverty and penury, orchestrated by bad leadership quality of the present administration of Owelle Rochas in making the wrong choice. The good, bad, and ugly are all around the guber political space, scheming for their financial liberation in total camouflage of coming to salvage Imo. If Imo people fail to “shine their eyes” this time around, and a political hawk and manipulator, one who may be worse than Owelle may emerge and we will enter into another round of eight years of political blindness, bondage, slavery and poverty occasioned by parsimony, tight-fistedness and stinginess.

In the gathering of close to a million people, I saw great sons and daughters of Imo people praying for God to give Imo people Senator Samdaddy. I saw love in the hearts of ndi Imo for their chosen candidate for the 2019 Imo guber election. We all know that Samdaddy is in the court challenging the primary election of Hon. Ihedioha. The matter has gone to Appeal Court and Senator Samdaddy defeated him, he hurriedly went to Supreme Court and the same Distinguished Senator Samuel also defeated him. Today, the matter is now referred to the High Court in Owerri for expeditious hearing. I trust God who has given Imo people victory in the two different courts to still do the needful for his people any moment from now.  

Senator Samdaddy is a new breed of politician in Imo and does not need further introduction. Even though that the same old people are back on the race. They have been spending their money for years in politics and have never had the opportunity of recouping it. Now, they see 2019 guber election as a golden opportunity and this will never go down well with many people. They are prepared to buy voters and use all forms of intimidation to influence the electorate in order to win the election. They don’t mean well for Imo electorate at all. Like Oliver Twist, they want some more. They have been there before 2007 and would want to continue until the third return of Christ, if there is anything like that.

The above reminds me of the conversation between a particular disciple and a Sufi. A disciple came to a Sufi with a purse containing five hundred gold pieces. “Have you any more money than this?” asked the Sufi. “Yes, I have.” “Do you desire more?” “Yes, I do.” “Then you keep it, for you are more in deed than I; for I have nothing and desire nothing. You have a great deal and still want more.” This is the core reflection of our political situation in Imo State; those who have been in power and in wealth still want to use same to control and dominate.

The above situation is very pitiable and does not reflect the will of the majority; hence candidates were forced on people without recourse to their feelings and choices. This has led to the reason why some are already in court, seeking redress to the injustice and manipulation meted out on them. Our most distinguished Senator Samdaddy is a core example of this group of people. He hates injustice and intimidation, he sees things the objective way and loves God not the way Gov. Rochas do.

Those who have been in power are the same people that want to govern Imo in order to consolidate their usual manipulation by greatly impoverishing Imolites. What Imo State is about to enter, is political recycling, and no society has ever grown in politics and societal development when its resources and leaders are recycled in life-leadership antics. Senator Samdaddy if he wins in court, and becomes the governor of Imo state, shall introduce a new dimension of political leadership that shall change the history of Imo state both in infrastructure, economy and social and human capital development.   

The so-called endorsement upon endorsement is a show of desperation and deception. All the so-called popular political parties filed in very unpopular and long known faces that will sing the same long doxology of bia mee yayayaya mee yayayaya mee yayayaya song of Gov Rochas that has kept Imo in this disorganized and disoriented state.

God forbid that Imo will go into another round of yayaya administration. The gods of our land forbid, and may those who are praying to further destroy Imo be exposed and brought to ruin. Some good candidates are in smaller and unpopular parties, nobody is endorsing them because they are too sincere and do not meet the standards of ill-conceived political ideology. I am very much afraid that Imo people are about making a serious mistake should Senator Samdaddy be denied the opportunity to govern should any of this political bubu-yaya, who has emerged as candidates, wins the guber race. Imo will be finished!

However, there is hope for Imo people should we vote for the right person, only then can Imo hive sighs of relief. In 2011, I warned Imo people of the dangers in voting in Gov. Rochas Okorocha and my warnings and counsel went into deaf ears and today all that I predicted concerning Gov Rochas have all come to pass. The same voice in the Imo political wilderness is still warning Imolites on the dangers in electing any political bubu-yaya to govern Imo.

Imo is my State and I love my noble State, hence all these good efforts to reposition her. God is interested in Imo and shall never allow Imo electorates to make the same mistake they made in 2011. I am speaking my mind and should not be crucified for saying the truth. Imo electorates should be guided properly to avoid the mistake of 2011 that has held us sway.

Gov. Okorocha is insisting on his son-law, Uche Nwosu, being the best candidate for Imo, come 2019. Who knows whether he will be different from his father-in-law and boss or will be as the French would say: Tel papa, tel fils (like father, like son). All we need to do is to weigh the implications of his glamour and demand, as well as those of other gubernatorial candidates from other political parties, so that we never make same mistakes as Imo made before. If we would not decisively rise in these few remaining days to make our choice outside the bubu yaya candidates, I am very sure that Imo is about entering into the same cesspit as has been plunged into since 2011. Ndi Imo. rise and shine your eyes before it is too late!

“Imo is my State and I love my noble State, hence all these good efforts to reposition her. God is interested in Imo and shall never allow Imo electorates to make the same mistake they made in 2011. I am speaking my mind and should not be crucified for saying the truth. Imo electorates should be guided properly to avoid the mistake of 2011 that has held us sway”




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