People are clamouring for the success story of Late Governor Sam Mbakwe in Imo State today. Governor Mbakwe did not travel out to get that vision.

That vision was given to him by me, Dr. Ken Oparaugo. The same idea I gave to Major General Ike Nwachukwu when he took over from Mbakwe and later became the Minister of Labour and Productivity. This concept was conceived by a Research made by me to determine the root causes of unemployment, starvation and its solution in the 3rd-4th World countries of which Nigeria is one of them. The third world countries have one common problem, a teeming population with mouths to feed and unemployment. They are all colonized people whether in Asia, Africa or Latin America.

The western technology has no use for them because its capital intensive and expensive to maintain. It has no human face. They need an alternative technology that is less capital intensive and cheap to maintain. That alternative is technology with a human face (Egato), a technology that is appropriate to the need of the people, a democratic technology. Peoples Technology that grows out of the people, a step by step development modeled like that of China and Cuba.

I am a German trained mechanical Engineer, Industrial Economist and a Doctor of Engineering and Sciences (PH.D) when I contested the Governorship of Imo State against Governor Evan Enwerem at the primaries under the National Republican Convention, NRC. I was rigged out. I wanted to implement this concept fully in Imo State but most people did not understand what I was really talking about.

The China experience- China occupies 2nd place in the World economic Order after America despite having a billion people to feed.

For the new Government of Imo State headed by His Excellency, Governor Emeka Ihedioha, with all humility, he asked for assistance. He did not say he knows it all despite the fact he was former Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives. That pricked my mind to give him some ideas of “Egato” system that made Mbakwe to succeed. The new Governor as a matter of urgency should establish an aggressive 27 farm settlement in the 27 Local Governments in Imo State coupled with small scale industries (Cottage Industries). It is also important he creates a city out of a city in these local Governments. This will resuscitate life in the rural areas.

No Rural dweller will have interest to go to the City as all amenities will be within their reach. Infact they will defend with their blood every small scale industry that is built in their village. Again, people are talking about industry, industry, industry. The Federal and State Governments are day dreaming. Perhaps in the next 30 years, they will still be calling for that. Some of the reasons that hasten Industrialization are not there.

I did a research as my PHD Desertation many years ago, not for Imo State but for Nigeria and entire colonized 3rd- 4th World countries especially black Africans. Most educated scholars welcomed this concept but some illiterate graduates did not understand what I was talking about many years ago.

Scholars like former Vice Chancellor of Imo State University, Prof I.C Okonkwo and Prof Maduwuche understood what Technology With A Human Face is all about. Infact, Prof I.C Okonkwo wanted to implement it practically at Umunna campus but then Governor Ikedi Ohakim could not support the concept financially but was busy calling for Economic Summits which had no value to the people. If the new Government wants to surpass the achievements Mbakwe made, Governor Ihedioha should implement “Egato System”, a technology with a human face.

I handed a copy of Egato System to Late Governor Sam Mbakwe which I believe should be in the archives. Infact, the then Imo State House of Assembly which had Late Nze H.S.K Osuji as Majority Leader and Chief Whip, M.M Agbura, visited Germany then to see how some part of Egato System operated practically . However, I shall publish the book- Technology With a human face, soon.

Finally, the new Government should adopt the concept of Technology with a human face in the curriculum of schools especially in the Universities. Let it be handy for the lecturers who will understand it better.

Mr. Oparaugo writes from Owerri, 08037737423.


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