The opposition in Imo State has been berated for focusing only on winning elections, a major flaw why opposition leaders are docile.

This was observed by Imo Awareness Coalition, IAC, a political study group based in Owerri.

Speaking in Owerri, President General of the Coalition, Mr.Emmanuel Okwu, said the opposition in the State has shown a pattern of going moribund after elections.

He however singled out the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP for putting up “feeble opposition” to the then All Progressive Congress, APC when the latter was in power in the State from 2011- 2019.

“This pattern has been on since 1999 when democracy returned to the country. Infact it was only the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP that played the role of opposition, though a feeble one when the All Progressive Congress, APC, was in power in Imo State from 2011- 2019.

The IAC President said most political parties who fielded candidates during elections in the State simply vanished into thin air after the polls.

” In 2019 elections, we had over 50 governorship candidates in Imo State. This implies 50 political parties were on the ballot. I believe most of the candidates went round the State to campaign to be elected and against the policies of the then government

“How come none of them is talking again after the elections? Not one of them. This is not healthy for our growth as a State and for development.No government can do well without the opposition.

” We need vibrant opposition. It is funny that after elections in Imo State, major political parties and their players go into oblivion. Most times we see those who lost elections go to the Election petition Tribunal.

“Challenging election results in Court is not opposition. It is far from that.Opposition is all about constructive analysis and criticisms of government policies which is a needed ingredient for good governance to thrive.

“Political Parties are strong vehicles for the opposition. You can see how vibrant opposition political parties are in the UK and the U.S. But here in the State, it is just an election winning vehicle. Where is APGA, APC and AA that were making all the noise during the elections. Funny enough they are all in court seeking to cancel results of the election that brought this government to power. This should not be so” Okwu concluded



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