It was a courageous move, quite rich in sense and reason. The Councillors from Owerri Zone who served in the 104 wards at various times and across parties came together to add their voices of values to the compelling quest for the Owerri Zone choice in the Senate come 2023.

The Councillors were altruistic in their mission, they came because they had been there and know each of the aspirants like the tips of their fingers. Indeed, they know the antecedents of each of the aspirants, what they will do, can do away from what they say they will do. The Councillors as highly experienced in the art of politics and who have been the political war horses, used verifiable measures to gague the viabiliy/ desirability of each aspirant.

At the end, after final critical and objective analysis, they highly recommended *PRINCE ALEX MBATA, ABM* as the man who met the standard. Among their instruments of measurements were the honesty of purpose as evidenced in the character contents, records of selfless services to humanity, capacity to attract developmental projects to the zone, the ability to stand firm for the good of the people, readiness to use personal earnings for the advancements of the common good, evidence of contributions to the development of the zone in terms of infrastructure, education, and empowerments, evidence of investments which opened up job opportunities for the teeming youths in the Zone and beyond. They expressed gratitude to Prince Alex Mbata for the mega Empowerment Program he did through his PAM FOUNDATION.

This is no doubt, a People’s appreciation for the great good done by one of their own. They uphold the truth and honour of the Empowerment Program. This is in contrast to a few who out of politics refuse to acknowledge the good done by Prince Alex Mbata.

The Councillors as the grassroot leaders spoke the minds of the greater number of people in the various wards and communities. They were unbias in their submission. They threw their hat in full support of Prince Alex Mbata for the Owerri Zone Senate seat. The Councillors did this out of conviction of the good intentions and honesty of purpose of Prince Alex Mbata. The Councillors were disciplined in their approach and choice of words as they were emphatic in their call for Prince Alex Mbata to go to the Senate.

The Councillors were aware of the other aspirants, they know their names and records. They know that those aspirants do not have the same developmental agenda, philosophy, community services, clout and humility like Prince Alex Mbata. The Councillors seemed to have told them to stand behind their brother, Prince Mbata, in support for Nde Owerri to get the best from the Senate.

It is sad, painful and disheartening to note that after the Councillors’ endorsement, there has been an inspired attack from those who see politics as a do or die affair. These people who had had opportunities to do good for the people but who opted for private purses are sullen and inconsolable because of the high rising acceptance of this young man, a rare gift to Nde Owerri from God, Prince Alex Mbata.

This group of hire purchase politicians are sponsoring falsehood in the newspapers, social media and in their gatherings that these noble Councillors from Owerri Zone whose identities are known are fake or according to one farcical story in the Watchdog Newspaper, *Rochas’s Councillors* This is the height of their mendacious character.

The list has Councillors who served in 1999, 2004 etc. One thing is certain, no matter the lies this group of people spread, the truth will always outshine it.
I congratulate the noble Councillors from Owerri Zone for rising to the challenges. History will certainly judge them right and honourable.

The endorsement remains a worthy one.


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