Nze James Chinonyerem.

He set the tone and direction of his vision for the Imo East ( Owerri Zone) Senate as captured in this terse statement, A focused, robust, dynamic, purposeful, honest, selfless and people driven representation

His vision I repeat, is clear and his mission defined. He is not given to platitudes or reckless dive into sloganeering, name calling and name dropping. He does not assume importance or arrogate honour to himself. His humility is his amour, his services to God and humanity his moto. He understands that to give is to receive. He knows that importance and honour cometh from God. To this end, he always says, he would never talk down, abuse or denigrate anyone because of politics. He insists that politics as far as he is concerned, is a call to serve and add values to the people. He appreciates that what uplifts a man is not just his wealth but the humanism of his heart, the creativity of his vision, the honesty of his mission and the durability of his goodwill. To him, wealth is a means to add values to neighbours and communities, how many lives you lift up, how many faces you can put smiles on, how many children you can put in schools, how many youths you can engage actively and positively out of the streets of crimes.

Prince Dr Alex Mbata does not see political office as a means to self enrichments. His search for political power is simply to seek a wider scope to enable him do more good for God and humanity. He maintains that politics is not a do or die affair. People, he stressed, should be the focus and core values of politics which every political actor must strictly adhere to at all times.

These have been his guiding principles, philosophies and ideologies of politics and motivation for seeking a public/political office. They remain his teneth, manual for the Owerri Zone Senate seat. These are ideals that are worthy. They constitute the core issues of his vision and mission. These are Prince Dr Alex Mbata’s values. These are great guides and paths of a renewed Owerri Zone.


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