Chiamroke Nnamani, Senator representing Enugu East Senatorial District has said supporters of Labour Party, LP, Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, are insignificant in number.

Nnamani, a former governor of Enugu State, in a post on his verified face book page, said Obi’s supporters who are called and kown as Obidients, are noisemakers.


1.There is no Obidient PARTY!!!

2.The name is LABOUR party.A political party with candidates in all Offices including governorship.

3.Our party and platform is different and that is PDP. FACT

4.If we blur the distinction and foolishly vote Obidient that is Labour Party for President?

5.For the minority ELITES it easy to reverse 2 weeks later!

6.For the majority over 98percent that is major “confuse “as they say on the Streets”Confuse Yamaru” as Umu Asadu will put it!

7. Remember these advocates are Noisy,Loud,Intolerant, Proselytizers,Condescending but less than 0.25percent of our 200 million population.That is a generous guess of those propagandists controlling the NARRATIVE.Only a narrative. At least Osun 2000 votes for Labour bears it out!

8. Most will not put reverse gear 2 weeks later.They will continue on to Governorship and House of Assembly.

9. If Obidient is Peter Obi only why field candidates in other offices?

10.Why do we establish foundation and beach head for Labour party?In battle do you give invaders your beach head to Land (please forgive my war analogy,for want of more graphic example)and now seek to drive them away?ebeanoFAM answer my question The answer is blowing in the wind

11. Why build Foundation for another party and reverse 2 weeks later.

12.The same arguments will apply for other offices as the campaign evolves.

13.They are luring us into false sense of complacency using subterfuge.

14. They are already asking for more, all of it. Remember the Tortoise as Achebe wrote,Obidient is another word for “all of us” Come February 25, 2023 Obidient will answer “all of us” Those who have not read the greatest Book ever written, Things fall Apart, go figure!

15. The Boundaries are clear, so also the differences!

16. We are ebeano and our political party is not Labour,

17. We are PDP and our symbol is Umbrella !

18. It is Democracy. It is what it is.


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