An Enugu based political analyst, Hon Ben Okagbue, has said the Labour Party, LP Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, cannot win the presidential contest in 2023, despite the fact he is the best person for the job of President.

Okagbue who spoke to INNONEWS in Enugu, noted that Obi has succeeded in raising the tempo and intensity of Nigeria’s presidential race.

He said “Peter Obi has raised the consciousness of Nigerians to carefully choose their leaders. This is healthy for our democracy.

“I consider him the best among the presidential candidates, including Atiku Abubakar and Bola Tinubu, because he has grasp and in-depth knowledge of the problems of the country. He can lead Nigeria to the land of promise.

“Peter Obi can reset this country. He poses the magic wand, he is capable, fit and ready for the number one job of the country.He can rescue Nigeria” he said

Okagbue however noted that despite Obi’s capacity to be President, he cannot win the 2023 presidential election because political dynamics which shape the contest in the country in the past, are still in place.

“There are certain dynamics and patterns which influence and dictate our presidential election. These factors are still rooted in our democratic process. Obi cannot win the race because his strong base is only in the South East.

“He has not made any in road into the North. He is not popular among the Muslims. If he had chosen a powerful Muslim politician from the North as Running Mate, he would have sealed his victory.

“The social media euphoria cannot make Obi President.The social media has never influenced the outcome of elections in the country.

“Despite the challenges facing the country and the desire by Nigerians to have change, they will vote along ethnic and religious lines” Okagbue noted.


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