It was an emotional gathering on Saturday 10th September, 2022 at the Ndubuise Kalu Square, Owerri where the grand finale of this year’s August Meeting sponsored by Prince Alex Mbata was held. It was first of it’s kind for all the Alarinma Women Associations in the 232 autonomous communities in Owerri Zone to gather at one place for such festive celebrations to end their August Meetings.

Only a man like Prince Alex Mbata whose breast flows with milk of human kindness could contemplate such beautiful and uniting idea. He did this and more not counting personal costs or partisan leanings. His aim is a united, peaceful and prosperous Owerri Zone. He has a vision of making the people’s welfare the main issue in all considerations. Prince Alex Mbata is a native son, a son of the soil as we say who genuinely appreciates the needs of his people. He goes about meeting these needs with single mindedness and noble spirit. He does this not just because he has great wealth but because it is in blood to do so. To him, wealth is a gift from God which must be used to serve the needs of the people.

The outpouring of love and fellow feelings from and among the Owerri Zone women was touching, inspiring and much needed instruments for the building of a stronger, happier and united society. The women were graceful, gorgeous, splendid and shinning in their attires which coloured the environment. In their songs were lyrics of thanksgiving to God for His gift of a caring son, gratitude to their noble son for his benevolence and prayers for his protections and promotions. The women danced, marched, it was indeed, a congregation of love and peace, a signpost of great and brighter future in Owerri Zone and Imo State in general

Prince Alex Mbata in his usual humility, appreciated the mothers who had always bore the weight of carrying the family with pride, grace and grit in spite of the challenges. He reminded them of the roles God assigned to them and urged them to continue to discharge the roles not minding the odds. He assured them of his constant availability and readiness anytime they call him.

Her Excellency, Barr Mrs Chioma Uzodimma, the elegant wife of the Governor was there with her husband to colour to the event. She spoke well and lovely, appreciating Prince Alex Mbata for his kinds gestures as well as celebrating the contributions of women in building a better society.

Gift items were distributed to the women in the 232 autonomous communities, 250 bags of quality rice, 250 pieces of quality clothes and N1m to each local government (for the Women Associations).

It was an event that attracted more than five thousand people. To God be the glory, it ended in praises.


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