Nze James Chinonyerem

Growing up, my father would always tell us, “Don’t try to bend the truth because it is unbendable and will hit on your face” I grew up with this in mind. I marvel whenever I see people doing what my father said we should not do. Truth is static. Truth is a living thing. If you strike a light to burn the truth, it glows into immortality.

Prince Alex Mbata represents the truth. He is a new light in the present and future political atmospheres. Yes, they are right to say he is a greenhorn in their views as ancient political magus who bestride and suffocate the political landscapes of Owerri Zone over the years. As a greenhorn, he does not know the lines of lies and deceit that define and characterize their old passion as the more “experienced politicians” nor does he have the grab mentality, use and dump strategy nor the gluttonous spirit which animate the political minds of those who try daily to deride him for daring to come out to seek the Owerri Senatorial District’s seat. Even when they have seen the great selfless works he has been doing in Owerri Zone and beyond, they, like the Sanhedrin deny the good just to nail the good man. Like my father said, truth is unbendable, the more they twist and bend it, the more it grows like into an oasis and hit on their faces.

Since the great success recorded by his sponsorship of the first of it’s kind grand finale of the 2022 women August meeting in the 232 autonomous communities in Owerri Zone, the truth benders had lost their peace and soul. They became hunted by their individual and collective failures to do good for the people when they had the opportunity. The success became a thorn on their feet and bone in their throats. They are suffocated with envy and bitterness. To assuage their shame, calm their fevered nerves and tranquilize their seizures, they web tales, fairy and imbecilic against him.

They procured base witnesses, emergency social commentators, and morally challenged writers to spin lies against Prince Alex Mbata. They went into their usual dump site, the Imo State University Whitepaper. In their hurry and hates, they glossed over as always, the truth of the Whitepaper. All their disreputable hired writers led by the garrulously confused state Publicity Secretary of the drowning and crisis ridden PDP, Collins Opuruzor never said anything about sighting a copy of the so called Whitepaper talkless of reading it. They are only contented to quote and recycle the lies handed to them by their pay masters.

I had an exchange with one of them on a WhatsApp platform who admitted to the fact that he had not seen nor read the document, asking me to avail him a copy. This is the height of the intellectual laziness and dishonesty of these pathogens.

As God would have it, the good people of Owerri Zone are better informed. They are aware(because the pains are still there) of the years of locusts and cankerworms which characterized the years these lotus eaters made of the mandates given to them before. Having been tested and found abysmally wanting, these gangsters will never be entrusted with fresh mandate by the Owerri people. This is the fact that terrorizes them.

The song has changed, Prince Alex Mbata is the new song and face with clear vision and workable mission for Owerri Zone. He is the provider of the new opportunities. He is trustworthy.

The truth benders can do their worst. It can’t change a thing about this sacred choice of Prince Alex Mbata by the Owerri people.


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