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Imo Parades A Begging Bowl For Leadership. By Bright Eluagu, Esq


I’m not a greenhorn in the politics of Imo State.
I have been following political transitions right from my secondary school days, till my University level, and subsequent graduation from the citadel of learning, hence, I’m qualified to make some revelations about the democratic journey of our dear state.

It is important to state that Imo State under late Sam Mbakwa as military governor, witnessed massive transformation in governace and administration.
The common man in the streets felt the impact and dividends of democracy, as the then governor was passionate about the welfare of his people.

However, upon return to democratic rule in 1999, Chief Achike Udenwa was sworn in as the 1st civilian governor of Imo State.

The Amaefike- Orlu born politician continued from where late Mbakwa stopped.
Imo State was secured and businesses thrived.
Most states of the federation then became envious of our dear state.
During festive periods, Imolites from all walks of life found it entertaining and interesting to spend such good moments in the state.
Such were the lots of the land of hope, until Ikedi Ohakim became governor in 2007.
Ohakim who rode to power through a supplementary process, did little or nothing in governace.
His exotic protocol made it difficult for him to be in touch with the people.

Recall that under the administration of Ohakim, journalists were harassed, arrested and incarcerated with state powers at will, for doing their job.

Freedom of speech was not allowed to follow in that administration.
There were little projects executed by Ohakim’s government, some of which, public commentators described as ‘white elephant projects.
But the state was to an extent, relatively peaceful.

Ohakim contested for a second term in offence but failed during the 2011 general elections, even though some opinions posited that the ousted dancing governor was technically rigged out by some power titans in Abuja.
After the said election, Rochas Okoroacha won and was subsequently sworn in.

Okoroacha who rode to power in a keenly contested atmosphere against Ohakim didn’t waste time to reveal his identity as a man opposed to all forms of democratic norms.

Imo, under Okoroacha was lawless and insecured. In fact in 2012, it was reported that the former governor operated without a budget as it was alleged that the controversial 2012 budget was constantly returned to Imo State House of Assembly for repackaging.

But, the fact is that Okoroacha was a man who used his sweet tongue to defend most of his lawless acts, as people still clapped for him any time he made public appearance.
The height of Okoroacha’s mediocrity was when he established the illegal “Ministry of Happiness”, and subsequently appointed a Commissioner to head the strange office.
Under the latter’s government, Imolites slept with one eye open, especially during the demolition of Ekeukwu market, Owerri.
The rest is history.

In 2019, Emeka Ihedioha was elected governor of Imo State, although, in a controversial circumstance.
But Imolites were almost at peace with his government as he initiated policies that had direct impact on the people. However, some school of thought believed that Ihedioha was on a vengeful mission on his political rivals, but one thing you won’t take away from him was his good relationship with the people, especially the Imo workers, and pensioners whose welfare was the priority of his administration.

On the 14th of January, 2020, the Supreme Court in a judgement that was widely criticized by sound minds in the legal profession, sacked Emeka Ihedioha from office and declared Hope Uzodimma as the duly elected governor of Imo State.

Since the declaration of that judgement, the state has been in turmoil, and the masses have been at the receiving end.

Comr Bright Eluagu, ESQ MNUJ, an author, publisher, and Editor-In-Chief, Newstime Media. WhatsApp number: 07062573396



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