By Johnkennedy Uzoma, Owerri

The Ohaji Political Movement (OPM), an umbrella political organization in Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area of Imo State has denied adoption of Mr. Eugene Debiagwu of the All Progressive Congress for the Federal House of Representative election for Ohaji/Egbema, Oguta and Oru West Federal Constituency.

The President General of OPM, Hon. Carl Nwokoma disclosed this to journalists as part of their resolutions reached during their executive meeting held in Owerri weekend.

The meeting which had the presence of other executive members to include Cardinal Roland Nwoha, Pharm. Marshal Noka and Hon. Kingsely Ogbuji expressed regret in the purported adoption of Debiagwu by Ogbako Ohaji as published in one of the Owerri based local tabloid.

The OPM President General while distancing the entire people of Ohaji from the so called adoption, said that Ogbako Ohaji is a socio-cultural organization that lacks the capacity to adopt any candidate in Ohaji.

According to him OPM is the right body and a political organization  that represents the entirety of Ohaji people from the botts, wards level, and the Local Government Area as the case may be. 

He said: “we don’t know about that and nobody invited us for such meeting. If there must be any adoption of any candidate, it should come from OPM and not Ogbako Ohaji”.

Hon. Nwokoma maintained that if Ogbako Ohaji have such idea, they aught to have muted it to OPM for consideration if it is justifiable or not. 

He blamed the action of few people behind the adoption as an attempt to justify the N2m which they have collected from Debiagwu for the adoption.

The PG maintained that there is no way anybody or group of people from Ohaji would adopt Debiagwu against Hon. Kingsely Uju, the serving member of Federal House of Representative  for Ohaji/Egbema, Oguta, Oru West Federal Constituency, who has done marvelously well for the people of Ohaji.

Hon. Nwokoma declared that Hon. Uju Kingsley who already have being adopted by the people of Ohaji, remained an adopted candidate of Ohaji giving his quality representation that has continued to manifest across the lengthy and breadth  of Ohaji.

He recalled the numerous developmental projects which Hon. Uju Kindsely has attracted to Ohaji land which include human empowerment, infrastructural development such as electricity; bulding of class room blocks, among others.

The PG insisted that there is no body or group that would be sensible enough to adopt Debiagwu who has not done anything for the people of Ohaji.

He said: “Debiagwu is not known to Ohaji people and whatever those people have done for him is termed to be American wonders. The people of Ohaji has spoken”.

Adding their individual contributions, other executive members,  Pharm. Marshal Noka, Cardinal Roland Nwoha and Hon. Kingsely Ogbuji questioned the yardstick with which the Ogbako Ohaji carried out such adoption of someone who according to them could not go to his village nor be able to settle or reconcil  his communities in dispute.

They said that Hon. Uju is more accessible any day any time and shows himself everywhere for anybody in the area unlike Debiagwu who is not known to the people of Ohaji.

They maintained that Ogbako Ohaji does not speak for the interest of Ohaji and has no such power to adopt a candidate for the entire people of Ohaji.

While they frawned at the manner the Ogbako Ohaji carried out such unacceptable action that is not for the interest of the people, they insisted that Hon. Uju  Kingsely remains the authentic candidate of Ohaji people for the Federal House of Representatives position because of his qualitative representation which he has given to the people. 

They said: “we are not panicking. Those of us who wants Uju to go back and become the Speaker of the Federal House of Representative strongly believe that we are marketing a good product in the person of Uju”

The people corroborated what the chairman said that the people of Ohaji does not know Debiagwu adding that he has not seen nor spoken with the people and majority of the people have not seen him .

The picture above shows the Executive members of OPM. From left hand side is Hon. Kingsely Ogbuji, OPM President General Hon.Carl Nwokoma while from right are Cardinal Roland and Pharm.Marshal Noka.


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