Nze James Chinonyerem.

The hour is here with us to choose and vote for the person who will represent us in the Senate for the next four years. For us in Owerri Zone, this is a golden retriever of sort. Our experiences should be our guides. Beyond the hues and cries in the political circle, beyond the theatrical performances of the candidates, one thing stands out, the quest for a suitable person to represent us.

I have like many well meaning and patriotic citizens of Owerri Zone been consistent in pushing the candidacy of Prince Alex Mbata as the best among the rest for election as our Senator. I have always done this truly mindful of the needs of the hour. The entry of Prince Alex Mbata into the race gave firm and sincere assurance to Owerri people for a new dawn.

I have always maintained that this election is on performance versus promises. As we go out to cast our votes on the 25th February, few days from now, we must assess the candidates from historical perspectives. We must not allow primordial dwarfism to take over our senses of objective assessments. We should not allow rage to replace reason neither should we see loud voices as representing capacities. All the candidates are our brothers and we must be true in our assessments. You can only assess someone by what he has done not by what he says he will do. Going by this universal truth, we should know those who came to take from the people and those known to give to the people. The end point of any representation is the quality and quantity of good the people derive from it.

The Senate is a highly serious place that should not have noise makers, belligerents, confused and cunning people. It is a place for men/women of honour, integrity, competence, clout, reach, contentment, transparency, focus, fear of God, knowledge of the boardroom politics and most importantly, a person who will bring back what belongs to the people to them. We cannot afford the experience of the past where those sent to represent us are more in the media houses castigating and blaming everyone except themselves for their very poor and lacklustre performances. We want a Senator who will not engage in blame games or make enemies for our people in his pursuit of vainglorious popularity.

The hour is here, we have the needs for a renaissance in Owerri Zone. Prince Alex Mbata comes highly apprised and recommended for election into the Senate to represent Owerri Zone. He is prepared in all consciousness for the job.

His assessment is based on truth, he has solid track records of performances to elevate the standard of lives of people. He has been doing this outside government. He will certainly do more when elected. His antecedents define his capacities.



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