PAM : The Leader As A Humanist

Nze James Chinonyerem.

Prince Alex Mbata, the APC Imo East Senatorial District in the just held election is a humanist par excellence. His humanism manifests in all aspects of his life, private and public. This is inborn in him. It is not a bye product of pretence, grandstanding or gimmicks. He is a true man, dependable, gracious and not garrulous.

Before his entry into the uncertain pools of politics, he has established himself as a very successful businessman, a major player in the critical sector of the national and international economy. He equally, demonstrated his passion for community developments not minding the costs or inconvenience. He believes in human capital and community material developments. He is a philosophical and practical lader provider for those behind to climb up. He is not a leader who is in competition with those he leads. He is also, not a leader who is afraid of the growing profile of those he leads. He is simply, a leader whose mission is to improve and enrich human narratives positively. He is happier seeing people smile and laugh. He is at his best, hearing the successes of people. He is not intimidated by the high profiles of others or envious of the growth of the upcoming. He doesn’t have bitter mind nor is he vindictive. No doubt, he expresses anger as a human being whenever necessary, however, Prince Alex Mbata does not express hatreds no matter the situation.

His campaign speeches were real and not flowery. He said what he believed in and all he could do. He was not deceitful. He never spoke to denigrate anyone. His was not just promissory notes but performance index. He is a man propelled by the great desire to develop his society by ensuring enabling environment for the youths to maximize their potentials, the aged to be taken care of and the widows to be engaged in self sustaining ventures. He has always kept faith with this over the years.

Prince Alex Mbata maintains a gallant statue in the outcome of the election. He is not embittered in spite of some identified internal work against by some highly placed and trusted leaders of the management of the project.

There’s no doubt that it is yet morning yet on creation day for Prince Alex Mbata. We are lucky to have such a gentleman like him, a resourceful and highly endowed man. A humanist he is and always will be.


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