Prince Alex Mbata, the APC Imo East Senatorial District Candidate in the 2023 election is a development conscious politician. He is not the chip of the old block politician with the traditional entitlement or grab mentality. He is a politician with a humanist agenda. The welfare of people and the society is the mainstay of his mission. It is worthy to note that his humanistic political philosophy was not manufactured over night nor because he ran for an election. This human based capacity development consciousness has been his core focus almost two decades now. He believes in assisting governments at all levels to create an enabling environment for the people, especially the youths to maximize their potentials in education, trade and commerce. He believes in taking care of the old, sick and venerable in the society as means of making them important and valued people in the society. He is aware, hence he has taken great measures to assist the indigents to cross over the poverty lines and rise up on the socioeconomic ladder. He has consistently done this through his Prince Alex Mbata Humanitarian Foundation. It is on record that he is a man well known for his benevolence in socioeconomic developments of the society and the people. He does this through his personal earnings.

Prince Alex Mbata elevated the narratives of political engagements with seasoned verifiable talks. He is humane, just and fair as always. He talked about developmental politics as his brand, his philosophy and what he stands for. On Saturday 1st April, 2023 he held a thank you my people in Owerri North. He said he had always been guided and propelled by the zeal of visional agenda to do good for the community. To him, politics is all about a choice which must be worthy and exact to the developmental needs of all communities.

Prince Alex Mbata believes in engagement politics and politics of engagements as surest ways to create good for the greater number of the people. In this, he boasts not, he back-bites not, he envies not, he derogates none but is always guided by a deep and clear philosophical vision and mission for the raising of the best standards for humanity in all places and times.

He asks his people not to bow down their heads in grief over the temporary outcome of the senatorial election. He reaffirmed his commitments to all he said during his campaigns. He said he would by God’s grace, do according to his exact words on the new Orji Youth hall as well as the Emii road. He said he would remain conscious to his words. This he said, were not mere political talks but true and achievable statements of facts.

Prince Alex Mbata extolled the giant strides of the governor, Sen Hope Uzodimma in his massive reconstructions, rehabilitations and recoveries in the state. To him, Gov Hope Uzodimma has been showing capacities not in mere talks but in concrete terms in ramifications of governance. He urged the Owerri North people to double their support and loyalty to the governor and state government for the good of everyone.

PAM is a rare great gift to humanity and certainly, it is morning yet on creation day for him.


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