Gov Hope Uzodimma: The Next Level (1)

by admin

Imolites had always expected a governor who would talk less and do more works for them. A governor whose achievements would define his real capacities. A governor who would be human, just and nice, with sense of justice, equity and fair play. A governor whom the people would call their own with pride and confidence.

There were reasons for this great expectations by the people. For years, the state and her people were left to grope in the dark in broad daylight. Lies and artificial achievements characterized the records of the past governments. The people waited in great expectations, in agony, tears and sorrow. But the ways of the people are not the ways of God we are taught by the Holy Book.

The coming on board as the state governor by Sen Hope Uzodimma began the blessed assured processes of the actualization of the people’s expectations. For three and more years, Gov Hope Uzodimma has done this and consciously redefined governance in all positive practical terms. He shunned the unnecessary sloganeering and artificial decorations which were the practices of the past. He is a political realist and developmental conscious person who believes that time is of great essence in the art of governance hence he devotes time, sense and brain to tackle the problems facing the state. Though the tides were high and the tasks seemed daunting when he took over, he never blinked an eye nor tranquilized himself by buck passing. He rose up to the challenges with spartan will power and solomonic wisdom. He knew and appreciated the fact that he was elected by the people to serve them hence he consults them on critical issues through the regular stakeholders meetings which became a pot pourri for cross fertilizations of ideas between the people and their government. Here, Gov Hope meets the people and allows them a say in how they are governed.

The Governor knew before coming on board that there were great needs to address the infrastructural decays in the state as well as renew the confidence and invigorate the spirits of people to enable them believe in their government. As a native son, he knew this was the key to unlock the socioeconomic developments of the state. He tackled the problems of roads headlong. Today, evidences abound of many internal solid connecting roads dotting the landscapes of the state especially, the Owerri – Orlu, Owerri – Okigwe and Owerri – Umuahaia roads which remain signature projects of the governor. As an Owerri man, I salute the governor for the gracious attentions he is giving to our Zone(let me quickly add, and other zones). Truly, we have not seen this type of great works since after the legendary Dee Sam Mbakwe.

The governor is critically and honestly addressing all facets of concerns in Imo state in all consciousness, material, social, economic, political, moral, cultural, religious as well as the security needs. Those who disagree with him on points of personality cannot deny his track records of successful service deliveries to the state and her people.

As he sets for the second coming, I have no doubt that the grateful people of the state especially, Owerri zone will rally round him to take the state to the next level of human and capital developments. This is very important because in the considered view of President George Bush, Snr, “You can’t change the winning team.”

The Author, Nze CHINOYEREM

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