Gov Hope Uzodimma: Taking Imo State To The Next level (2)

by admin

Nze James Chinonyerem

An absurd political drama is currently running in the state. The cast is made up of the opposition parties and her members. I remember the song, “Blame It On The Rain” by Milli Vanilli. The political absurdist characters in the state seem to have enjoyed the song so much that they rephrased it to “Blame It On Uzodimma And APC” Nothing signifies this more than their babyish cries at the misfortunes which have become their political fates in the state and beyond. Uzodimma and APC have somewhat become their nightmares. They seem to be in a state of delirium, hallucinating and seeing strange beings in their fevered political minds. Their nightmares? I will briefly say a bit of it here.

It is common knowledge that Sen Hope Uzodimma met the Imo state APC in shambles, at it’s lowest ebb with the members almost in disarray. There were challenges and he faced them with great zeal and focus. He refused to be weighed down by the landmines placed on his pathways. He did not luxuriate in blaming anyone. He did not frown his face to show his anger neither did he become melancholic to demonstrate his despondency. He simply understood the game and the rules as in football, keeping his eyes on the ball and the goalposts. He won at the end, and went about rebuilding the party in spite of the new challenges again. That he succeeded in reconstructing the state as well as his party, speak volumes of his capacities in management. Today, APC is the party to be proud of in the state, big, strong and reliable (apologies to Union Bank). This is vintage Uzodimma.

Unfortunately, the opposition parties are diametrically different. The reason is simple which explains their agonies. While they built their parties on one man, APC was built on the people from top to bottom.

Gov Uzodimma is undoubtedly, the most thoughtful, articulate, meticulous and methodical politician in the state, disciplined and dutiful in his leadership. Where others are hubristic, he is humble, where they see brink walls, he sees openings and where they wail, he wields things together. He is simply the master of the art, creative and innovative. Today, through his sagacity, drive, clout and reach, APC has become the most dominant party strong and endurable I repeat.

It is therefore, silly for the opposition to bring the governor and APC into their devil’s narrative.The crisis bedeviling them today was their own act. They refuse to plan and organize themselves. They remained stationary and their threnodies were endless. They only comforted themselves with “ikonu and njakiri” while Uzodimma was busy with serious acts of governance.

The election year is here. Uzodimma has great admirable records of service deliveries to the people. He is going to campaign not just on promises but performances and ability to do more and greater works.

Indeed, while the oppositions are wobbling as a result of their internal contradictions, Gov Hope Uzodimma is taking the state to the next level of democracy dividends.

The Author, Nze Chinagorom

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