Garlands For The Wise Elders

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Nze James Chinonyerem

The Imo state Council of Elders is made up of great and highly accomplished personalities in the state. The membership is drawn from the traditional rulership, academia, business, technocrats and religious who are community leaders in their respective places of residences. The governor, His Excellency Sen Hope Uzidimma in consultations and inspiration for the best interest of the state and her people, inaugurated this noble body for the quality of advice the council can give for the progress of the state.

The council has not disappointed. Our age long wisdom has the axiom that it is only the elders who while sitting down will see far and clearer than the young standing or even on top of the tree. The wisdom of the elders comes from years of lived experiences. It is on this note that the Imo state Council of elders in a dispassionate and deep thoughts came up with a noble idea enshrined in a document to see to the truth of the needs for peace, unity and progress of the state. The elders christened the agreement, Imo State Charter of Equity. The charter took a very critical, objective and bold look at the nagging issue of equity in terms of rotation of the governorship position in the state.

The elders resolved in the overall interest of the state and articulated a document which would address and laid to rest, the issue of one zone dominating the governorship position in the state.

This is a very welcome and worthy development. The elders should be commended for their honesty, boldness and intervention. This is what elders do without fear or favour. The highpoint of the charter is that the governorship position will from 2027, rotate among the three zones in the state on a two terms of eight years basis. The council agreed to concede the right of first refusal to Governor Hope Uzidimma in consideration of his occupancy of the office presently. This is laudably instructive.

In giving a tacit approval and endorsement to the general clamour by the larger spectrum of Imo people for the second term of office by the governor, Sen Hope Uzodimma, the elders clearly demonstrated solidarity with the reasons and choice of the people and more importantly, the need to give a workable teeth to the charter of equity.

Again, the council clinically enshrined the rotation of the position starting from Owerri zone by 2027 for eight years to be followed by Okigwe in the same number of years after which Orlu takes another slot of same years in the same circle to the other zones. This is a very beautiful and patriotic duty performed by the elders. This more than anything else, has laid to rest the rowdiness and rat race which has been the run for the governorship position in the state for many years now.

The icing on the cake is the presentation of the document to the state governor and his patriotically bold declaration to judiciously implement the charter of equity. The governor behaved more as a patriot than a politician. Governor Hope Uzodimma no doubt, has redefined governance and leadership in the state in all consciousness. In spite of all challenges, the governor has lived to them in honour, service, devotion and attention to all people and places in the state. He deserves our collective support to instill the much needed peace, unity and progress in the state.

I heartily congratulate the Elders Council of Imo state and the governor on this patriotic and historic achievement. The state and her people will be eternally grateful to them for this wisdom and peaceful package.

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