I must salute their courage and patriotism for doing what needed to be done. Talk about the cliche, “taking the bull by the horns” These three Honourable did this and more. They saw the bull, a rare sight. They held the bull that holds the key for the collective participations and collaborations to deepen the layers of the socioeconomic growth of their state, Imo. They considered the common course above the personal and selfish interest.

The Rt Hons Bede Eke, Henry Nwauba and Ikenna Elezianya are prized sons of Imo state, Owerri zone in particular. They are great achievers in their own rights, in private and political practices. They are men of honour, wisdom and valour and above all, they are dedicatedly involved in the developments of their various communities and constituencies. Both parade a nice verifiable track records of quality representations. They are astute politicians, entrepreneurs and movers.

Their decision to join APC is of high philosophical and ideological considerations. One, there is no gainsaying the fact that under Sen Hope Uzodimma, governor, Imo state, there’s a renewed hope and drive. There are great evidences of great works being down to advance the course of the socioeconomic developments of the state. There are massive infrastructural reconstruction and rehabilitation as well as recovery of the misappropriated patrimony of the people. There is also, a renewed confidence of the people in their government. Governor Hope Uzodimma has no doubt, perfomed beyond the expectations of the cynics and pessimists. He has through courage, discipline and uprightness, walked and worked the slippery paths of doubts to prove that indeed, where there is a will, there must be a way. Governor Hope Uzodimma will be remembered for his doggedness in overcoming all challenges in his sincere efforts to do his best and get the best for the state. His shared prosperity philosophy is significant in contents, contexts and applications.

It is on this note that I congratulate the three Rt Honorables for their patriotic considerations to join hands with the governor and government of Imo state to move the state to the next greater level. Their decision is highly commendable especially coming at this period the Imo people are coming together to secure a second term for the governor to continue in his great works in the state.


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