NGO Cautions Imolites On Tuberculosis

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By Ikenna Orioha

As tuberculosis, an infectious disease, caused by germ, which ravages people across the globe, Ministry of Health, USAID and Breakthrough Action Nigeria, have advised the public to ensure that they are early diagnosed if they cough unusually, experience fever, chest pain, high sweat, lose of weight, loss of appetite and fatigue.

This advise was given by the Assistant Program Officer of Breakthrough Action Nigeria, Cecelia Cafran, during a one day tuberculosis sensitization training for media professionals in Imo State, in collaboration with Imo State TB Programme, held at Heroes Bend Hotel, Jacob Zuma Road Roundabout, Owerri, Monday.

While stating that the disease affects both old people and children, especially HIV patients, Cafran mentioned that early diagnosis, regular checks will easily help in curing the chronic disease, explaining that TB is an air borne disease which is dictated through a medical test carried out by physicians in specialist hospitals.

Noting that tuberculosis which is largely caused by bacteria known as Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, gives early signs of chest pain, two or more weeks cough, coughing out blood, painful breathing, tiredness, night sweats, loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, Cafran assured that TB is controllable and curable.

She mentioned that early diagnosis and effective treatment with efficacious medicines will stop tuberculosis, calling on those who experience TB signs to call 3340 or dial *3340# for quick diagnosis and possible treatment.

With the Senior Program Officer of Royal Dutch Tuberculosis Foundation, Doctor Golibe Ugochukwu encouraging patients to be strong as the disease is curable, stating that TB is prevented by check and test for more than two weeks, adequate intake of drugs, covering of mouth and nose with handkerchiefs when coughing or sneezing, do not spit saliva and mucus anyhow, wash hands regularly with soap and water, immunize newborns, with BCG to protect them against server forms of TB among others.

While the Program Manager, Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control, Imo State, Doctor Charles Okafor, called for regular and adequate intervention including media assistance in the war against TB in Imo State which he revealed has prevalent cases of tuberculosis.

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