Mother Africa And Her Stolen Heritage

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The glory of man is the recognition of his strength, but the glory of God is the right usage of his name. However, if the events characterized ones strength are stolen from one, what shall be his pride? This is the position of the blackrace in the light of history.

J. B. Mbiti noted, “Black Africa was the mother of civilization and black intellectuals everyone owe it as a duty to mother Africa to carry out a research for new Values, new identities and a new self-consciousness.” 

There is no doubt that the pride and glory of mother Africa is reflected in different ways by unbiased writers. Mother Africa, the cradles of world civilization is the pivot and pioneer of various knowledge, science, mathematics, astronomy, geometry, medicine, engineering, philosophy, religion and esotericism. African scholars will lack no material if they truly want to showcase the rich heritage of our mother continent to the academic world.  Indeed a war of the brain translated into the activity of the pen, can do much tosalvage the damage already done to the image of the Blackman.

Under the sway of packaging the black race to the world as the never do well continent, came the European anthropologists and historians distorted views. In doing this, they presented Africa to the entire world as a continent of apolitical, ahistorical and aphilosophical in origin. Indeed there arose what I regard as a collective conspiracy by the western writers as a result, they gave no credit to any system of thought that is of African origin. 

The superiority complex which the westerners thought they inherited from the gods made it very difficult for them to believe that Africans have brain and can reason. The African way of reasoning was considered illogical. What an aberration!  This experience is still poignant in our minds. They forgot that some Greek philosophers believe that their great thinkers like Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and the rest of them copied their wisdom from ancient Egypt. 

There was this Greek injunction I read while in school, the injunction goes thus, “young men go South of Greek for learning and wisdom”. It is of note that when Alexander the great conquered Egypt, his friend Aristotle the then Greek philosopher gained access to the Egyptian Royal Library and the black Africans that were occupying Egypt by then ran towards southwards. 

The Negroes don’t believe in the mentality of the white men concerning bringing civilization to Africa hence they target it “the stolen legacy.” The white for a long time have rewritten history to suit their ignoble intentions, which is why we talk of stolen legacy. You can recall that during the invasion of Alexandra the great, they had access to the royal library and thus made away with some valuable books, the ones they did not destroy and burnt were stolen.

History is very clear that the first University of the world was built in Egypt. The world greatest and mysterious pyramid is found in Giza Egypt. It is evident hitherto, that the continent of Africa introduced the first technology to the world, for instance some images of flying Helicopters and Aaroplanes were found on the ceiling beams of a 3000 year old kingdom temple that is located hundred of miles south of cairo and the Giza Plateau at Abydo Egypt. It is evident through advanced archaeological discoveries that some photographed images, we see many craft that look like our modern day flying machines.

However, Egyptologists and some pyramidiologists are of the view that Egyptians were traveling through flying machines to India within 3000 B.C. Again this recondite fact is attested to by different books in the hidden achieves. Egypt as the cradle of civilization may have given rise to the reason why the oldest fossil was found in Africa in accordance with history as it was, the said fossil according to archaeological discovery is dated seven million years, which to all extent attest to the profound fact that life originated in Africa.  

But the collective conspiracy of the western world against the African continent led to the reason why the black people are considered illogical intheir approach to life. It was Levy Bruhl, who regarded the attitude of the primitives as pre-logical, and he further contradicted himself when he categorically stated that, “the logical structure of the human mind is thesame in all men”.

Yes, this same thinking was in the mind of Professor O.W Jelfreys when he discredited the black race in his book, (The Negro Enigma), hesolely discredited the black continent as being in human and unable to produce human culture and civil traits. With time however, an attempt shall soon be made to expose some celebrated European philosophers who in all sincerity cannot escape a charge of plagiarism and ingratitude to the great mother of the earth– the African continent for the intellectual achievement that has not been credited to her.  “Africa was precipitated by the Edicts of Theodosius in the 4th century A.D and that of Justinian in 6th century AD. Thus many universities, rich libraries and rich intellectual treasures embedded in Egyptian mystery system were forced to close down as pagan institutions. This blow came with the wake and spread of Christianity in parts of Europe and Africa.”

In furtherance to this ignoble practices of systematic destruction of African civilization, the Moors from Mauritania invaded Spain and took with them Egyptian cultural artifacts which they had kept. The Moors were warriors in those days when they occupied Spain in 8th century A.D they displayed the African cultural heritage, learning and civilization which the Europeans used as an advantage. There was a centralized way of learning in those days. “It belong to a common parent and system known as the wisdom teaching or mysteries of Egypt which the Greek used to call Sophia.” It is to our credit that most of the so called philosophical works ofAristotle, Pythagoras, Plato etc had their source in Africa.

Even the Delphic Temple in Greece, which was destroyed by Greeks as a foreign institution was rebuilt by king Amasis of Egypt by contributing three times as much as its cost. In fact, the Delphic Temple was a branch of Egyptian mystery projected in Greece. So many Greek philosophers and other aspirants did go to Egypt for initiation into different secret ways of life for which Egypt was advanced as well. Diagenes and Herodutus informed us that Pythagoras traveled to Egypt and was initiated, and in the process he learnt the properties of the right angled triangle, music and science of numbers.

During the reign of Amasis, Thales the Greek great Philosopher of Miletus who propounded the idea of all things having its origin from the water, visited Egypt and was consequently initiated into the secret order by the Egyptian priests. History as it was, reveals that Thales (in Black Wealth) learnt Astronomy, land-survey, Engineering and Theology while in Egypt. So many Greek gods are of Egyptian origin.

In fact it is contained in the history that eleven out of twelve Greek gods together with the divinations attending them were of Egyptian origin. What a shame! The Africans should arise and fight this battle of recovery for victory in all aspects is ours. No matter what is said so far, the great question to mother Africa is, where is your religion and your pride? Fellow Africans, we must all fight and regain our pride.


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