3R Vs The Rest (1)

by admin
     Nze James Chinonyerem.

His Excellency, Sen Hope Uzodimma, governor, Imo state came fully prepared to be the governor of the state. He was convinced of his vision and mission hence, he did not go into the race just for the applause or mere win but for the job deliveries. He came not for the adorations of obiter dictums in aimless mouthing of slogans. He came prepared I repeat, and summed up his vision and mission in the 3R mantra as the guiding philosophy. The 3R stands for RECONSTRUCTION, REHABILITATION AND RECOVERY.

He has consistently given genuine practical expressions to the 3R as all eyes and ears will see. Even the doubting modern day Thomases are seeing and feeling the evidences like their Biblical grand uncle, Thomas the doubter. Indeed, Gov Hope Uzodimma came in a class of his own, truth, ability, drive, result pursuit/achievement driven, respect for all, guided talks, making God the centre stage, frugal management of resources, eyes on the goal and team spirit. That he is able to change the political apple chart in the state attracting his former fierce critics/opponents marks him out as highly politically sagacious and goal delivery focused.

A direct look and search of the souls of the opposition parties especially their governorship candidates reveal the ultimate binds blinds and leaks of the disorganized opposition which are diametrically opposed to the tenets of the 3R philosophy. While the 3R philosophy is progressively thoughtful and workable the others are empty and retrogressive. While 3R is positively goal driven, the others are vainglorious. Indeed, those jostling for the governorship position with Gov Hope Uzodimma are doing so in self doubts, denials and more, driven by the fall guy mentality.

Take for examples, their campaign talks are premised on what they claim that they will do and never what they can do or have ever done. They take epicaricacy delights on the unfortunate but politically contrived insecurities in the state which in all intents and purposes, the governor has been doing greatly to confront and subdue. These group of megalomaniac self seeking governorship candidates in the state are devoid of empathy and pathos to the extent of feasting on the security issues. They forcefully but falsely give their being governors as condition for insecurities to abet. This more than anything else, gives credence to the fact that the insecurities are not natural disasters but human made.

But to blow the lids of lies off on the falsity of their claims, they go about their campaign tours across the nooks and crannies of the state without molestations. They attend social functions, take photographs and post same in the public domains, but still cry witch. None of them who are in the singsong group of insecurities are ever victims of insecurity. The major targets and victims are those who are on the governor’s side, old and new. So who is fooling who?

Imo people cannot be fooled again. Gov Hope Uzodimma is the man to drive the progressive and prosperous new Imo state project till 2027 for proper and effective consolidations of the gains made in the last three to four years. No amount of blackmails can stop his reelection by the grace of God which will be expressed by the votes for the All People’s Congress(APC) in the November 11th, 2023 election by the Imo people.

Indeed, the secured steady march to a reconstructed, rehabilitated and recovered Imo state is on course under Gov Hope Uzodimma.

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