Simon Ekpa, a Biafra agitator, has warned Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, President General of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, not to visit Finland.

Iwuanyanwu, at a press conference on Sunday, said he is ready to lay down his life for peace to reign in the South East.

He promised to visit Finland, where Ekpa resides.

Iwuanyanwu said, “I’ll take a kinetic approach that will require the cooperation of everybody. I’ll talk peace. I am ready to lay down my life to see that there is peace in Igboland. I’ll go to Finland and everywhere to see that there is peace in Igboland. I’ll go and cry for them. I pray to God that I achieve success.”

“I have decided that as a father, I am tired of the death of my children. Ndigbo have given me the responsibility of leading them at this time. Each time I hear anybody killed I feel very sad.

Reacting to Iwuanyanwu’s plans to visit Finland, Ekpa, on his verified X handle, said Iwuanyawu would receive executive disgrace from him if he comes to Finland.

He wrote, “Tell Iwuanyanwu that if he comes to Finland in the name of meeting with Simon Ekpa, I will use him to set an example; he will receive executive disgrace from me. This is what I am promising him. He left Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Dungeon and came to Finland to meet with Simon Ekpa. May God punish you and punish all of you who are planning to send you to Finland. Come here, and you will see. I will arrest you for sending killers to Finland. I will also arrest you for placing a bounty on me. And if you claim you didn’t place a bounty, did you make a publication distancing yourself? The answer is no!


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