Kevin-Prince Boateng, a former player for AC Milan, has encouraged Manchester United to fire manager Erik ten Hag for what he did to Cristiano Ronaldo when a member of the team.

Boateng criticized Ten Hag’s management of both Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho at Old Trafford, saying the Dutchman is not qualified to coach Manchester United.

According to Boateng, “Ten Hag has to go,” Vibe With Five reported.

“I don’t see any energy where I am. No energy is visible to me.

“And what he did to Ronaldo and everything else, it’s too much. He isn’t qualified, in my opinion, to lead Man United.

Even though they have some talented players, the squad is not the best.

“But still there is no fire. When you come to Old Trafford, it’s like how you said, they put in a ball and there is no pace, no one gets angry, no one puts in passion and fire. If my players are not doing that then me as a coach, I have to do that.”

Asked what issue he has with Ten Hag’s handling of Ronaldo, Boateng added: “He was the top scorer, and he just kicked him out, he goes against the best player in the team, you don’t do that, you have to give him respect. There’s ways to let a player off, and I think he chose the wrong way.”

On the bust-up between Ten Hag and Sancho, Boateng continued: “I think both are wrong, but you don’t have to put it out that way.”


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