The Progressive League of Youth Voters has warned that unguarded remarks made by some senior figures, including a South East Governor, are already escalating tension in Imo State ahead of the governorship election on November 11.

This was stated by Audu Shuaibu, the group’s national coordinator, on Wednesday in Abuja at a news conference.

The group claimed that a particular governor in the south-east planned to invade Imo State during the governorship election together with some members of the Labour Party.

He alleged “As we all know, the governorship elections in Kogi, Bayelsa, and Imo States are quickly approaching. Elections are made to be a do-or-die affair in major parts of the country, with political actors eager to do whatever it takes to secure their seats, but men of good conscience always stand to advocate for peaceful elections. Such are the leaders of thought who believe in Nigeria.

“In Imo State, some senior citizens are calling for war with their unguarded statements, which is already building up tension ahead of the poll,” he said.

The group remarked that it would be improper to remain silent and watch a senior citizen from another state cause chaos.

The group noted that they are aware that Imo State’s future is being played with by some powerful politicians who want to use their positions to compel a regime change in Imo.

It urged President Bola Tinubu to warn regional leaders against making statements that could spark a conflict and to refrain from meddling in the affairs of other states.

It further maintained that the people of Imo State be allowed to choose or elect the governor of their choice.

“Our people must not be intimidated or coerced into accepting a governorship candidate imposed on them by enemies of Imolites.

“We will resist any form of imposition or plot to cause political instability in Imo State. We would resist with equal vigor any attempt to influence the gubernatorial elections to favor the Labour Party.”


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