The South East National Vice Chairman of APC, Dr. Ijeomah Arodiogbu, has called for the lifting of the ban on flights to Owerri by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC), and Aviation Unions (AU).

He such act was uncalled for, especially at this election period when some voters are flying into the state.

Arodiogbu said the action of the labour unions was negative and a decision was taking out of place, saying the Labour unions were wrong to have dragged the Imo State Government and the Nigeria Police Force into their internal wrangling.

Arodiogbu made the call in a statement he personally signed and issued to the media on Thursday.

He recalled that at Abuja Airport, routes were barricaded earlier on Thursday by the Workforce, who said that all flights en route to Owerri had been cancelled across Nigerian airports, positing that labour unions are being sentimental and political.

Arodiogbu stressed that attacking Imo State Government and NPF was a misplaced fight as neither government nor NPF committed any crime against Labour Unions, stating that at first, Labour Union leadership, in their wisdom, should not have embarked on such a disruptive exercise, which he said was truncating people’s free movement and slowing businesses, a wrangling he added Labour Unions could have amicably resolved within themselves.

The South East National Vice Chairman of APC noted that the wrangling was a misunderstanding that erupted within chapters of labour unions in Imo State and NLC President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, which the police only waded in to stop in order to avoid more harm and thereby restore peace at the said moment Ajaero was allegedly assaulted by unidentified persons.

Arodiogbu wonderrd if it was the Imo State Government who ordered the attack on Joe Ajaero, nor was the governor seen at the spot.

According to Arodiogbu, “the regrettable physical attack on Jeo Ajaero cannot be ascertained to have been caused by the police or Imo State Government.

“I strongly take exceptions to blaming what happened to him on the government of Imo State.

“Labour unions should separate themselves from partisan politics. If labour unions feel violated, they should seek redress in court instead of taking laws into their own hands”.

He urged Imolites to defy all distractions and come out en masse to give their mandate to Governor Hope Uzodimma in the Saturday, November 11, 2023, governorship election to enable him to consolidate good governance.


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