BY: Comrade Onyekwulisi F.B.I

The Bible says that, “Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the Word of God. And Faith without work is Dead( which connotes fruitlessness or unproductivity).” This implies that, Christians should balance the Word intake with proportional Work for maximum productivity. Lest the Children of this World remain Wiser. The too much Spirituality without physicality of purpose, has to Stop.

Thus, it’s time, every progressive Church of God established “Word for Work’s research Centres or Institutions” within their spaces; to fill the void created by unproductive “Faiths”. The Centres shall see to the progressive and practical innovations and creativities associated with Godliness.

The World and Athe├»sts have mocked in particular, the African Christians enough in this regard. Let’s march Words with Actions in the place of deep creative Researches and Productivity that will improve the Lots of Christians in this evolving World. Let our numerous Churches lead the revolutionary Campaign on this “Word for Work Institutes” along side our exotic Cathedrals. These novel craft Centres, should be a total departure from our regular Schools. They should be subsidized, with multiple applications from the paupers as beneficiaries. This will be a quick fix for Humanity and the Kingdom of God.

Our God is a man of Arts and Crafts. We are created in His image and likeness. Thence, the Body of Christ should arise and take the World by storm in this course. History has shown that the earliest reputable Inventors, Innovators and Billionaires were Christians. The question is, where is that Fire of Creativity and productivity in Christendom? May we stop making Christianty look like an unproductive life venture, amidst all the effectual promissory Divine Provisions that could put the World under her feet.

Worthy of Note, Christianty is a way of Life, not a Religion. Let’s be practical in all aspects of her Provisions and Counsels; as we task our ways to Heaven.

Merry Christmas and Inventive New year!

Wisdom#all Christians.

Comrade Onyekwulisi F.B.I@ uncommon Grace.


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