The Old Bende Stakeholders Forum has raised concerns about potential victimization of individuals, particularly their sons and daughters, through the Abia State Panel on the Recovery of Government Property.

While expressing support for the panel’s role in preventing the unlawful appropriation of government property, the forum cautioned against its misuse for political intimidation.

Chief Charles Ogbonnaya, leader of the forum and a former Commissioner in the state, emphasized the importance of ensuring that the panel operates within the confines of its terms of reference.

The forum’s stance comes as a response to reports indicating a possible exploitation of the panel for settling political scores rather than its intended purpose.

During a solidarity visit to Dr. Philips Nto, the immediate Provost of Abia State College of Education, Technical, Arochukwu, Chief Ogbonnaya highlighted the good intentions of Governor Dr. Alex Otti in establishing the panel.

However, he expressed disappointment at the alleged misuse of the panel for political purposes.

The forum aimed to show solidarity and support to Dr. Nto, who recently faced issues with the panel.

Chief Ogbonnaya criticized the panel’s decision to seize Dr. Nto’s official vehicle, emphasizing that the former Provost deserved more respect considering his significant achievements at ASCETA.

Despite the challenges, Chief Ogbonnaya commended Dr. Philips Nto for promptly submitting his official vehicle before the panel’s deadline and encouraged him to continue being law-abiding.

Dr. Philips Nto, responding to the solidarity visit, expressed gratitude to the forum for their support.

He emphasized his commitment to service and integrity, assuring that he would willingly cooperate with any probe as long as the terms of reference are clear and not designed to humiliate him.

Dr. Nto highlighted his patriotic spirit by voluntarily releasing his official car as requested by the panel, demonstrating his dedication to peace and the state’s development.

He pledged continued cooperation with the panel, contributing to the overall interest of peace and development in Abia State.


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