Nigerians are indeed groaning over the current economic hardship in the country. The country is under the clutches of unprecedented economic hardship where the citizens are struggling to survive.

The hardship has left many Nigerians in dire straits . There is lamentations everywhere, the economy is in a near collapse. This present administration has failed in her onerous mandate and responsibility of addressing the fundamental causes of the economic hardship plaguing the nation.

The hardship became worse and gathered more momentum under this present administration after the removal of the controversial petroleum subsidy by President Tinubu.

Since then, the prices of commodities in the open market have inflated where ordinary citizens can no longer afford three-square meal a day. The prices of foodstuffs skyrocketed without looking back.

Just like Eneke the bird say in Chinua Achebe that, since men have learned to shoot without missing, that he Eneke, has learned to fly without perching.

People should learn how to survive under this present economic hardship by living according to their means, avoiding some unnecessary expenses.

This is not the time to waste food, rather people should learn to be conservative. Rather than patronising restaurants or fast foods, cooking in the house should be the best option for now. For the women, stop buying foodstuffs in the streets, rather go to evening markets where you can get foodstuffs cheaper. Eat more of natural foods and avoid canned or processed foods. Cook more of vegetable soup, okoro soup , yam, plantain, beans and other foods that can be bought with little fund. If you cannot afford gas, use charcoal pot to cook and boil your water. Avoid sachet water, boil your water for drinking. Regulate how to use generator because of the high cost of petrol. Use reachable light whenever you are not using generator. If EEDC is not providing you light, don’t pay electricity bill, kwechiri!

Reduce unnecessary travelling, clubbing and other social activities. Stop declaring drinks anywhere you go or stupendous drinking in the beer parlour. ( You are not father Christmas). If you must drink, drink “Pami” and make yourself happy because “uwaa wu ofu mbia”.

Avoid daily thrift or ‘akawo’ for now.
For men that keep girl friends, control your libido,avoid girl friends or ‘side chic’ for now and concentrate on your family and only look at your wife. Listen to news always and stay out of trouble. You can suspend any building project for now if it’s not necessary.

For women, consider changing that expensive hairstyle and adjust. Don’t put your husband under pressure, rather make him happy always. Manage judiciously whatever resources that is given to you.

The present government should begin to show commitment by putting in place some macroeconomic policies that will address the current situation and lead the country to the path of socioeconomic prosperity.


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