Alarming Influx Of Strangers Into Imo Raises Security Concerns

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Concerned residents of Imo State have sounded the alarm over the increasing influx of unfamiliar faces into various parts of the state, raising fears of potential security threats.

Reports indicate that individuals, purportedly strangers, are being transported by trailers and dropped off in areas such as Avu, Obinze in Owerri-West LGA, and several other suburbs on a regular basis.

A resident in Owerri Municipal, Mr. Chris Anozie, disclosed that a significant majority of motorcycle riders, commonly known as Okada riders, in areas like Obinze, Avu, and the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) vicinity, are unfamiliar individuals who scarcely speak the local Igbo language.

He urged security agencies to take decisive action to address the burgeoning influx of strangers into Imo.

Expressing apprehension, he cautioned that failure to address the situation could lead to a crisis reminiscent of the historical conflicts experienced in Plateau State, where significant casualties were recorded.

He underscored the need for heightened surveillance and interrogation to ascertain their motives and activities within the state.

Echoing similar concerns, another resident, who chose to remain anonymous, reported the arrival of another trailer loaded with individuals, allegedly from the Northern region, accompanied by dogs, at Njaba River, with Owerri, Imo State capital, as their suspected destination.

Expressing dismay over the lack of official response from the State government and security agencies, he emphasized the paramount importance of prioritizing the security and safety of all residents of Imo State.

Calling for proactive measures, he urged stringent monitoring at military and police checkpoints to prevent the offloading of individuals deemed suspicious or unfamiliar, in order to safeguard the security of the populace.

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