Imo State is absent from the list of states boasting of highest internet usage, as revealed by recent data from the National Bureau Of Statistics (NBS) on Sunday.

The NBS database reveals details of digital connectivity in Nigeria, indicating a total of 163.8 million internet subscribers as of December 2023.

Despite economic challenges such as the removal of fuel subsidy and currency fluctuations, the country has witnessed a significant uptick in internet access, marking a 9.07% growth in subscribers compared to previous years.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Imo State’s exclusion from the top 10 states with the highest number of internet users is particularly striking.

According to the NBS data, the leading states in internet usage are as follows:

  1. Delta: 4.4 million internet users
  2. Katsina: 4.6 million internet users
  3. Adamawa: 5.4 million internet users
  4. Rivers: 5.6 million internet users
  5. FCT: 5.8 million internet users
  6. Kaduna: 7.4 million internet users
  7. Oyo: 8.4 million internet users
  8. Kano: 9 million internet users
  9. Ogun: 9.5 million internet users
  10. Lagos: 18.9 million internet users

While other states have made significant strides in digital connectivity, Imo’s absence from this list underscores the need for targeted efforts by the state government to improve internet access and infrastructure within the state.

Analysts contend that the report of the NBS, does not reflect efforts by the State government to digitalize the State.

The state government had promoted the Imo Digital Economy Agenda, (IDEA), 2022-2026, with its primary pillars being Digital Literacy and Skills Acquisition, and last year, reportedly secured partnership of global tech giant, Meta Incorporated, formerly Facebook, to train 5000 tech graduates on digital marketing on Meta social platforms of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram


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