Orlu Zone May Produce Another Governor After Uzodimma- Analyst

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A political analyst, Mr. Richard Odu, has predicted that Orlu zone may produce Governor Hope Uzodimma’s successor in 2027 if Owerri and Okigwe zones continue to jostle over which zone should produce the next governor of the state in 2027.

Owerri and Okigwe political leaders have been entangled in a war of words over which zone should kickstart the Imo Charter of Equity by producing the next governor of the state at the expiration of Governor Hope Uzodimma’s tenure in 2027.

In an essay published by INNONEWS, titled Much Ado About A Charter, Odu said the Imo Charter of Equity “does not stretch beyond a gentleman’s agreement by men expected to be honorable

“It is not legally binding. It’s only a moral imperative to enhance healthy coexistence in the particular political environment we find ourselves in, a milieu that permits chop-i-chop politics.”

“As much as it has the capability to calm frayed nerves, the Charter is also ostensibly susceptible to equivocation. Those who propound it today are likely to be the ones to shoot it down on the battlefield. Therefore, it is not something to rely on,” the renowned journalist wrote.

Odu said that the ongoing Owerri-Okigwe tussle for the governorship in 2027 is a leeway for Orlu Zone to produce another governor after Uzodimma.

“Much as the Charter could be an influence on voting patterns, politicians would be foolhardy to rule out the hand of some unscrupulous Orlu gladiators in the Owerri-Okigwe imbroglio. While Owerri and Okigwe fight over the throne, a smart Orlu man could snatch the crown, grab it again, and run with it in 2027. 

“There’s little anyone can do about that. 

“Benevolent politicians with understanding are, however, greater in number in the Orlu zone, he wrote.

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