OZOPOLF Fires Back At David Mbamara Over Scathing Remarks

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The Owerri Zone Political Leadership Forum (OZOPOLF) has rebutted remarks made by Captain David Mbamara against the group.

Mbamara was quoted in the media last week to have said that OZOPOLF is no longer relevant in the State.

According to Barr. K.C.A. Ononuju, Secretary General and co-convener of OZOPOLF, the group is very active having been established in 2015 to advocate for the collective interests of Owerri zone and Imo State, with the goal of mobilizing support for a governor from Owerri zone extraction.

The statement reads:

“Dear Captain David Mbamara,

“We have read your recent rather regrettable comments regarding OZOPOLF with considerable concern. It appears there are misunderstandings that need clarification.

“You were credited with claims that OZOPOLF is no longer relevant, a view solely contrived by you, probably because OZOPOLF did not serve your personal political ambitions.

“In 2015, it is crucial to emphasize that OZOPOLF was established not for individual gain but to advocate for the collective interests of the Owerri zone and, by extension, the entire Imo State, through mobilization for the emergence of a governor from Owerri zone extraction.

“This has remained the vision and mission of OZOPOLF.

“The decision to support Rochas Okorocha over Emeka Ihedioha, was made based on that singular principle and not due to personal disputes as you alleged.

“Prince Charles Amadi, the National Leader of OZOPOLF, in a recent interview, clearly revealed the rationale behind supporting Rochas Okorocha over Emeka Ihedioha.

“The decision was made based on the belief that Ihedioha’s candidacy did not align with the broader interests of the entire Owerri zone, contrary to what OZOPOLF stands for — the advancement of the entire zone’s welfare.

“Your assertion that you joined OZOPOLF with noble intentions is contradicted by evidence suggesting otherwise—your apparent hope that the group would endorse your gubernatorial aspirations after disagreements with Ihedioha arose. This suggests a personal agenda rather than a commitment to the group’s mission which was to project a candidate that would make the entire Imo State proud—something you obviously were not.

“Contrary to your selfserving viewpoint, OZOPOLF was established not for personal gain but to serve the collective good of our people in Owerri zone and Imo State at large. The group’s mission centers on identifying and promoting the best candidate capable of advancing the interests of all Imo citizens.

“Regarding your remarks on other emerging groups within Owerri zone, it’s natural for various organizations with similar objectives to arise. However, OZOPOLF has distinguished itself by fostering alliances and garnering support across the entire state, thus becoming widely recognized as the foremost advocate for an Owerri governorship.

“OZOPOLF as the big brother umbrella of all socio-political organizations in Owerri, is open to accommodate all other smaller groups and persons who have interests to come and join us as long as they meet the criteria we are looking for. We shall accommodate them to realize their dreams.

“In contrast to your personal ambitions which must have fuelled your comments about OZOPOLF, seeing that the group didn’t share your sentiments, let us remind you once again that we the members of OZOPOLF, are motivated solely by the desire to see an Owerri man serve as governor with integrity and effectiveness. Our commitment to this cause remains unwavering despite challenges and misunderstandings.

“We are also aware that Owerri zone cannot do this alone and have continued to reach out to the good conscience of our brothers in Orlu and Okigwe zones, many of whom are today in support of our vision and mission for the sake of fairness, equity and justice.

“It is therefore very unfair and inaccurate to dismiss OZOPOLF’s relevance based on personal grievances. The group continues to pursue its mission with dedication and remains a significant voice in the political landscape of Imo State” the statement concluded.

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