Poland captain and Bayern Munich Forward, Robert Lewandoski has said the Poles will be playing Nigeria and South Korea in order to have first- hand knowledge of teams they will play against in the group stage of the 2018 FIfA World Cup.

Poland were grouped with African nation, Senegal, Japan and Colombia. He said the selection of opponents for the friendly matches was influenced by the teams in the group.

“Each game, however, will be different because the teams in our group have different styles.

“For us, learning these different styles will be the first lesson of what we can expect at the World Cup.

“The friendly matches itself is the first stage of preparations for the World Cup. It is a moment to check new set-up options and show quality in a non-competitive game.

“In this respect, too, it is an important element, and we want to show that we can play football, and the new players will have to show that they can fit in and give us good balance.”

Lewandowski also emphasized on the importance on getting results during test games ahead of the finals.

“There may be weaker matches, but if we want to present ourselves as well as possible, we must prove quality even in training.

“We know that it may look different. If the result is not perfect, it does not mean that it will be bad, because maybe the game will look good, there will be optimistic conclusions. It may not be a test, but showing that we also have quality to do well,” the Bayern Munich striker added.


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